Jodie Foster inspired me.

Today is my four-year wedding anniversary. Condolences can be sent to my husband at a later date. Making it through another year of marriage is amazing. I’m proud to say, I’ve handled my relationship almost completely sober, 100% drug-free and without stuffing my face with Crisco frosted Twinkies. We’ve had our ups and down. We… Read More Jodie Foster inspired me.

This shit isn’t going to save the environment.

Okay……..So my creativity, if you want to call it that, is being used for another purpose today. I can’t reveal that purpose, because some powerful people may be implicated and it could cause a change in daylight savings time (like it did the last time I spilled the beans). BUT…….Since February is the month of “love”, “women scorned” and… Read More This shit isn’t going to save the environment.