Let’s read a good book together.

Listen…….Anyone who really knows me, knows it’s been a long time since I’ve read a book. A cookbook, checkbook, book of matches…….well……those “books” are about all I’ve been able to handle lately.


Sometimes you see something that makes you want to take the time. And….A friend brought this to my attention and I’m happy to share.

I know I’ve got book lovers out there. I see you. Yes you! BUT……This isn’t just about loving books. Are you a lover of heartfelt moments, inspiring tales, and gut wrenching- drag you in stories? Do you want to get caught up in someone’s struggle to overcome and survive while rooting for them all the way?   Well…..Watch this trailer and decide for yourself. It certainly makes me want to be a part of this story, even if it’s only as a reader.


It’s said: You can’t judge a book by its cover, but I’ve never heard anything about the trailer! Go to Amazon to check out In Harlem’s Way.






12 thoughts on “Let’s read a good book together.

  1. I have been reading cold remedies,
    to get rid of my stinking cold virus 😦

    Well you know what us mere men are
    like when the dreaded cold virus hits 😦

    Don’t worry I will live, I think 🙂 lmao
    Have a very good weekend and keep
    up the reading frenzy, it is god to get
    into bed and enjoy it, the book too 😉

    Andro xxxx


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