Ruminating The Rumors

A lie is a horrible thing, but a lie with wings is even worse. It flies as far and high as possible, wreaking havoc and destroying lives, or at least….trying to. These pretty little birds of flight are known as RUMORS.

No one has successfully avoided the rumor mill. You either created a rumor, helped spread one, or were on the receiving end.  BUT….Make no mistake, you’ve been tainted. 

Here are a few created and spread about me. Some caught flight for bit and some experienced a horrible death after I clipped their wings.

  • The summer before 9th grade, my mother moved to Texas. I decided to leave Virginia and spend the break with her.  When I returned to school, I discovered that I had given my baby away.  Apparently, I went away to hide my pregnancy and give birth. Who knew!!??!! (Any rich and famous 30-year-olds needing a mommy? Look me up!)
  • After my divorce, my ex told everyone he could (at my children’s events) that I stole 100,000 dollars from him. AND…..Used that money to buy a used car. Okay. Do you see the fucking logic in that?
  • The Spouse-No-Mores tried to convince the world that my hubby and I were cheaters and caused the first marriages to end. NOW….If they meant : We were cheaters because we got together before the divorce papers were signed, then okay. AND…..If they meant: We ended the marriages because we actually bought into the fidelity thing on their part, then okay. I guess they were right.
  • One Spouse-No-More went as far as to tell the children’s “Christian” preschool teacher that I was a slutty cheater. Just the thought of it must have turned that ex on, because every school day, they would follow me outside, into the parking lot, and stop short of my vehicle.  They brought their manly-looking woman friend to stalk along with them. I think they wanted to have sex with me.  Who could blame them??!! It didn’t take long for the teacher and moms to learn the truth.
  • An ex (fondly referred to as: SpongeBob Squarepants) said I slept with 1/2 the county. I tried to do the math, and I’m pretty sure that wasn’t really possible. BUT……Maybe I was unconscious at the time, and the other time, and the other time, and the other time, and the…………..
  • After I broke up with a high school boyfriend, he told classmates he did sexual things to me in church, where his father was the preacher, with people sitting around us. Wow! Talk about a religious experience!
  • One of my ex-stepmothers (had 4) said she suspected me of having an inappropriate relationship with my dad because I hugged him goodnight. In her defense, she thought raising her own offspring was too much coddling and let the state put her kids with other folks.


Rumors are mostly a projection of the individual who started them. (ROYA R. RAD, Therapy Dialogue)

Those who feed on rumors are small, suspicious souls. (CHARLES R. SWINDOLL, Growing Strong in the Seasons of Life)

You know what rumors are like–like a jar full of moths. Once they escape, they’re all over the place. (RHYS BOWEN, Oh Danny Boy)

People who spread rumors are like walking infections. The lying words from their mouths spread like disease from person to person. The only way to stop the disease is to keep your mouth shut. (JOYCE HANSEN, One True Friend)

Rumors are created by the jealous and spread by the ignorant. Fortunately, the truth usually wins our!

14 thoughts on “Ruminating The Rumors

  1. I often wonder who has nothing better to do than to come up with that shit. Then I wonder why this idiots don’t write fiction instead since they love making shit up. Oh, well…


    1. Wow….Was this really almost two months ago. Sorry. I was busy doing shit that people could talk about.
      I agree, but I imagine they really aren’t that talented, otherwise they wouldn’t spend so much time on everyone else.


  2. I always feel that these people who make up this stuff are actually talking about themselves. You have to actually think like that to be able to make this stuff up which means they probably did what they are accusing you of.


  3. I have to laugh at the people who eat that crap up with a spoon. They are even smaller minded than the one spreading the tripe. My motto remains:

    If they are talking about me, they are giving someone else a break.


  4. How very interesting, what a life you must lead….oh, never mind you didn’t really do those things. Here I was going to suggest you pitch your life for a new reality series, knock the Kardasians off, I am so tired of them


  5. I agree with Red, oh and Val too
    I mean let’s face it those Kardasians
    are just too in your face 😦 Eeeuw lol

    Hey Lorre I enjoyed reading this one
    and I hope that your weekend is very
    exciting, oh and yummy too 😉 xxxx


  6. It appears the men in your life who you moved on from thought you to be a slut or the poor things were hurt they weren’t getting any more. So they spread rumors so you wouldn’t get any yourself. I think these rumors made you more appealing.


    1. Perhaps. It sure didn’t help the rumor starters get dates.
      I love that “eye gravatar”. Now that is appealing. Although, I feel like you’re looking at me in a “You know you did something wrong.” sort of way.


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