Taking my bow before the intervention takes place.

Apparently, Twindaddy isn’t doing such a hot job of hiding his crack addiction. How do I know? Well……He gave me the ABC Award. That’s how. Awesome Blog Content! Seriously?

Clearly, only a crack addict would think such nonsense. But hey……..You gotta be loved by somebody, right??!!??

Per this award, one has to list (by alphabet) things that are relevant to them. I’m sure I’m supposed to pass this on to others, but I suck at getting awards now.

In the beginning of blogging, I was all like: “OMG! How do I get one of those awards?” and then it was like “OMG! Someone gave me an award. I’m going to put out a rocking post to thank them and pay it forward.” and then it became “OMFG!!! I can’t keep up with this shit. I can barely get my brain to put out a semi-shitless post, let alone another acceptance piece.” and now it’s like “Thank the fucking lord everyone knows I’m a slackass and they barely bother to read my stuff, let alone praise me for it.”

It’s not that I don’t appreciate the thought, but I’m a slacker with reciprocating. Kind of like some people with oral sex!

Please go to STUPHBLOG and read 26 Things to see who else his cracked-out self passed the award to.

So…..Before the intervention takes place, he gets cleans and takes this away from me, I better get on with the getting on. Here are the 26 things relevant to my life currently.

A: Avocados (Great!)

B: Bacon (I wish I could eat it 24/7.)

C: Cute One (He rocks!)

D: Divorce (1. Great babysitter.  2. Great therapy.   3. Great weight loss plan.)

E: Evenings (Things finally settle down and I can relax.)

F: Friends (Enough said!)

G: God (Shocking, but true!)

H: Hubby (We’re forever, like herpes.)

I: Intercourse (…with hubby)

J: Java (IV please!)

K: Karma (It’s a bitch! I watch it in others like a train wreck.)

L: Laughter (It’s like breathing.)

M: Mysteries (books, shows or movies.)

N: Narcissists (Entertaining poison we can’t eradicate, yet.)

O: Orgasms (Note the “s” at the end. I love my husband.)

P: Poetry (Word Therapy)

Q: Quality (My absolute favorite word….meaning and sound.)

R: Randomness (The kids keep me guessing and on my toes.)

S: Strength Training (My weekly routine I can’t do without.)

T: Things 1, 2 and 3 (Tax deductions!)

U: United States (Well….I live in it and it’s pretty cool mostly.)

V: Vacation (Two days from now, I’ll be cruising.)

W: Writing (Love, love, love it, even if I don’t always do it.)

X: XM Radio (My music. My way.)

Y: You (Yeah you. Thanks for reading this.)

Z: Zoo…..I live in one.

So…..Those are my relevant things. I don’t know if I shocked or amazed you, but I did hold you hostage for a bit, and that’s pretty cool.

Sorry about not passing this on, but I’ve never been good at sharing the bottle. Please give this award to yourself! We can change the meaning to Absolute Blog Crazy if you like mine. Guilty pleasure or your version of a train wreck? I don’t care, as long as you’re here.

And……Sorry for being a selfish blog lover. I promise to reciprocate. I just want to make sure I’m able to properly swallow all of the words first. It would be humiliating to choke on them.

27 thoughts on “Taking my bow before the intervention takes place.

  1. That is the most honest I have read anybody be about the awards. Some of them have become so complicated and tedious it takes all the pleasure out of the little moment of receiving it. I love your A-B-Cs (yep, that’s the only “s” you will note from me).


  2. Wow a wicked time on a ship 😉 I would have liked
    to go with you on that voyage, if only to make sure
    that you are being good 🙂 lol Bring me back some
    pressies, anything that you like 🙂 lol hey xxxx


  3. Are you back yet? 🙂 😉
    Well I only said, and while
    I am here don’t forget to
    give usa blow by blow account
    of everything that you did 😉
    YES everything and don’t be
    leaving out all the juicy bits
    either or else? 😉 lol Have fun
    Lorre and be wicked 😉 xxx


    1. We made it back safely with hardly a good story to tell. Although, while in the shallow end of the pool with our little one and the older kids splashing nearby……a couple we were casually chatting with just blurted out how they zip tie each other to the bed. They only knew us (not so well) for ten minutes. How did they sense they were talking to people who could relate?????


      1. Yes, well I think it is your naughty smile that does it Lorre but I could be wrong 😉 🙂 lol Hey it’s great to see you back in the blogosphere and in wicked form 🙂

        Have a ghoulishly enjoyable day and a
        wondrously exciting evening to follow 😉

        Andro xxxx


        1. See…..Even my brain is inactive.

          What a nice thing to say, especially when I come and go as I please, or so it seems.
          I’ve got four months until the youngest is in school. If I don’t get back in the game before then….I will when Fall comes.


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