It’s my party and I’ll make you cry if I want to!



I’m stronger than ever.

My face is holding up (Just don’t look at my hands).

My body isn’t due for an overhaul yet.

I’m fairly certain my mind is in tact.

My words are just as devastating and magical, if not more.

My four kids like me without resorting to bribes….yet.

My husband hasn’t had the itch to bump private parts with anyone else.

I don’t wear mom jeans.

My ass isn’t fat, flat or in need of stick removal.

My breasts still stay up on their own. AND……yes, they’re mine. I have the receipt to prove it.

I have hot flashes, but only in the bedroom.

My friends are the most incredible, genuine, nontoxic bitches around.

My blog buddies still love me, even though I have abandoned them recently. (I left breadcrumbs my darlings!)

I’m mature enough to not have to cover my ass…no need to lie or hide.

I’m secure enough to not give a shit about bullshit.

I’m smart enough to see right through games and false smiles.

I’m nice enough to tolerate those who are intolerable, for the sake of a cause.

Beer and chips are still my friends since I’m working out.

My sense of humor has not left me.

With all its ups, downs, and perfect imperfections, life is amazing. I can’t wait to see what crazy nonsense this year brings for me to hurdle over.

One thing is certain, I will persevere and laugh my way through it all.

If my sticktoitiveness makes you cry along the way, well…..I’m sorry, but this is my life party and I can’t stop to wipe tears.


18 thoughts on “It’s my party and I’ll make you cry if I want to!

  1. I am just calling in to see if there are any chocolate eggs left over 🙂 Well you know I have a sweet tooth, and always help out when there are chocolates on offer 😉 Okay just give me a bit, I mean just some, erm, well as much as you want to then 😉 Of course chocolate what else would I be talking about 🙂 lol Okay I am out of here before someone says something naughty and it won’t be me because I am always good 🙂 lmao xxx


    1. Yes. You are like a church choir boy, aren’t you. I don’t even want to know what kind of bunnies you played with over the holiday. I’m sure you are staying out of the usual trouble, which means you are probably up to no good. Thanks for still checking in since I am very bad lately.


      1. Bad is good sometimes Lorre and you are more good than bad so here’s a piece of my chocolate bunny, I hope you don’t mind chewing on big ears? 🙂 Camilla always likes it and Charles has very big ears don’t you think? 🙂 lol

        How do you measn what else does she chew on? No idea and don’t want to know either 😦 Eeeeuw Enjoy your weekend 🙂 xxx


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