Flash in the Pan: Lonely

That day will stay in my brain forever. I was outside in the yard helping mom with the garden. I heard this loud backfire, like a gun or something. It made me jump. Then a crazy looking hippy-van pulled up next door. Smoke was coming from the hood and there was music loud enough to wake the dead.

I remember stories I’d heard about strange people coming to small, lonely towns like mine, and the horrible things they’d do. Nothing exciting ever happens here. Death happens, but never by murder. It’s caused by old age or some type of farm accident. You know, like being stabbed with a pitchfork or getting shredded by a plow machine. I just figured those folks must be lost. As I ran to peer over the gate between our two yards, I crossed my fingers and prayed a kid would come out of that van.

This post was inspired by: M3 Flash Challenge

The word is: LONELY with 150 word count

My word count is: 150

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