If you give your elf some alcohol……

If you give your elf some alcohol……

Sammy Beer Bong

He will want to snort coke.






Sammy Doing Lines

If your elf snorts too much coke, he will try to ride a dinosaur.






Sammy Pet Dino

If he tries to ride a dinosaur, the dinosaur will get angry and toss him around like a rag doll.






Sammy is Dino Food

If the dinosaur gets angry and tosses him around like a rag doll, then the elf will get excited, since he is hyped up on coke, and start to jack himself off.





Sammy LIke Girl

If he jacks himself off, then he will want to dress up like a girl to balance out the testosterone from playing with a dinosaur while grabbing his own junk.











Sammy Beer Bong

After dressing up like a girl, he will need more alcohol to drown the fact he is a fucked up mess.

47 thoughts on “If you give your elf some alcohol……

        1. I’ll see if they’ll allow it.
          (I just had my first real hater due to these damn elves…comments on the Elf sex picture and My New Blog post. He was really offended and called me an idiot. Oh well! I’ll just send Sammy after him.)

              1. That just means he’s not doing a good job of supervising his children. Nobody should let their youngin’s on the internet unsupervised. What a douche.

    1. Very funny! I did pop over to thank you. Thanks again here…..I will do my best to comply, but I was once an excellent award receiver and now….I suck! AND…..I appreciate you using the word art while talking about my blog. You really class up the joint when you think of this place that way.

  1. You are toooooooo wicked you are Lorre
    but hey I like you so there😉 I hope that your
    Christmastime is filled with naughtiness and
    that your New Year of 2013 is wickedly, in a
    naughty way I mean😉 lmao


    Oh and if you get chance watch my nutty video,
    it is in my extra pages at the top of my Space🙂

    Andro xxx

    1. I popped over and checked out a few naughty posts and one that was quite mild. I was shocked. Video? I’m an idiot. You better give me some more direction because apparently, I can’t find my way out of a paperbag. Well…..That’s also because it has a bottle in it.

      1. It is on the top of my Space titled… ‘Watch My Video’ but don’t be put off by the title it is just me being a wally🙂 Have a lovely day today Lorre😉

        Andro xxx

    1. I’m in good company with the twistedness…..you included. I’m glad you enjoyed my ramblings and thanks so much for the tweet. Twisted minds need to stick together. I need to make my way back over to your neck of the blog woods. I can imagine it got some twists and turns for me to navigate.

            1. This is wonderful news, and I hope that the
              rest of the week is just as exciting for you🙂

              Enjoy your Tuesday🙂

              Andro xx

    1. Perhaps a combination….gaughty????
      My Tuesday is just starting because I’m a bit slow and so is my computer. I hope it is not giving up on me. I hope your day is eventful in the most inappropriate ways that keep you out of trouble.

      1. You need a good registry cleaner for your
        snail pace computer and there are some very
        good freeware examples out there, but just
        leave them on the default settings, never try
        tweaking them or it could remove something
        that you do not wish to lose, mind you most
        of the good one’s have a back-up system for
        those kinds of errors🙂 Perhaps it something
        worth considering?🙂 Have fun today Lorre😉

        Andro xxx

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