4-Letter Word: I’m not a fan of unless…..

In places near
And places far

You may be revered
As a shining star
I picture you dressed
Feathers and tar?
Let’s get WD-40
To raise your bar
Please allow me this time
To be uncomfortably blunt

Let’s design and apply
A language shunt
To redirect
Your pompous stunt
That makes you the lead
In the role of cunt


17 thoughts on “4-Letter Word: I’m not a fan of unless…..

      1. Don’t worry it was just a twat with a keyboard
        and I have seen loads of those on my travels 😦

        I am pleased that you put them straight…

        Andro xxx


  1. There is always one I know that…
    Actually I have a reply copied out
    somewhere, I will have to shake
    off the cobwebs and perhaps even
    add it as an extra page 🙂 lol

    I like your style…

    Andro xxx


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