28 thoughts on “Mom is a f’ing liar!

  1. I told my kids from the get go about everything. I also told them it was a secret I was intrusting them with. They were to never tell another living person. And as far as I know they never did. But I did lie to them about the dentist….”its a piece of cake” Liar Liar Pants on FIRE


  2. See, these are the really hard things about being a Mom. The other stuff is easy peasy. If they get sick you give them medicine or take them to the doctor. If they are bad you discipline them. If they are good you reward them. These questions would have me lying awake at night arguing with myself.


  3. I never told any of that horse hockey to my children. They learned in school, and I told them it was far better to have super parents than make believe people who spend their parents’ money. Then again, I was the three when I told my parents they did not have to keep up the Santa facade. It was easier for me to just ask for what I wanted.

    Yes, I have always been a bitch. *grins proudly and curtsies sweetly*


  4. Jacob was 8 and still believed. We lived in Switzerland at the time, and his teacher commented that he needed a large, expensive, comprehensive dictionary. It arrived just before Christmas. John suggested wrapping it up for Christmas. Well, Christmas morning, Jacob opened that gift and cried out “There’s No Such Thing As Santa. Santa would NEVER have given me a dictionary.”


                1. I will, but I probably won’t write as often as I did. I was neglecting other things to write so often and that’s what got me in trouble.


  5. Liar, liar pants on fire 🙂 lmao
    Never mind Lorre just pop the
    kettle on and give me one…

    Nooooo I meant a nice
    chocolate biscuit, cheeky 🙂

    Andro xxx


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