Flash in the Pan: Company

Through the window, the moon’s faint light shone in a corner of the room. There lay an elderly man upon a wooden bed. Death seemed to blanket him, except for the noticeable uplift of his chest every few seconds. His frail frame twitched and twitched again. His discomfort was quite evident by his unconscious motions.

His eyelids opened suddenly, staring into the darkness. Realizing he left the window partly open, he arose with the greatest of effort. A chill ran through him as he proceeded towards the window. With every step, one could hear the floorboards creak in harmony with his stiff joints.

Reaching the window with shaking fingers, he pressed firmly on its frame. For a moment he stood still, as if to recover from his prolonged journey. Suddenly, he heard tapping at the door. Finally, the company had arrived to deliver him from his chilling hell.

This post was inspired by: M3 Flash Fiction Challenge.  The word is company, with a word limit of 150. My count is 148 words.

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