SEX THIS YEAR Threatens Stay-at Home Mom with Disabled Child Living Paycheck to Paycheck

It’s not that exciting people. SEX THIS YEAR is the name of a “magazine” and WordPress blog site. The creator has his panties in a bunch over an earlier blog post Jeremie Mouithsone: Who?  . I say……get bigger panties and stop attempting to bully me.

Clearly, he didn’t read the post or doesn’t understand the language I used. That would be ENGLISH! I posted a copy of a letter HE sent to me. I added my own little spin. Apparently, my post brought unwanted attention to Mr. Mouithsone……AND…….He “no likey”. Someone said they were screwed over by him, and some woman mentioned his pre-ejaculation issues.

WELL……Here he is, verbally pre-ejaculating here. I took a second comment directed towards Lawrence off. Seriously Mr. Mouithsone! Lawrence and I aren’t blog roomies. Take your issues to his side of the internet. I am not a couples counselor.

Here’s what he sent to me:

Hell Lorre,

I hope you have already seen my response to your stupid, messages, If I can remember, you and I have never had any business deal, and I wonder why you go about spreading wrong message about online?

Here are my conditions, please do take that article about me down, within the next few days, otherwise I would now choice, but to destroy your entire life online and I mean it.

As mentioned above, Lawrence was a client of ours, we did provide ads as promised, but he went on stalking on the girl that was assigned to his account, and we had no choice but discontinue his campaign. We have all proofs, such as his harassment emails send to the girl.

So I’m giving you two days to pull down the article, failure to do so, will result into an online fight between you and me, and trust me, you don’t want to see what I would say about you, because I will find your real name.

So, please pull down you article, I do not know you, and I’ve never done anything wrond to you

My response:

Hell Jeremie,

Listen. Although, I appreciate you “liking” my post and becoming a follower, I really need you to step into reality. Perhaps where you’re from, its common to throw tantrums and bully women. In America, most women aren’t threatened by men, who are shorter than their twelve-year-old. Plus, I think my daughter has more facial hair than you. (Sorry baby!) I’ll give you an “A” for effort though. If I hadn’t had so much coffee before reading your note, I probably would’ve given you a 1 on the threat scale.

Let me take some responsibility here. I’m sorry I posted an email you sent me, which became my property once you did. I’m sorry I added humor to the letter and gave your “highly regarded in your mind” magazine free press. Apparently, there is no humor in your land.

To be clear, we never did any monkey business together. And definitely not funny business! Also, I post wrong messages and pics on the internet all the time. It is a learning curve, but as a follower, you’ll catch on. I also have a strict policy about not deleting my posts. Unless the order comes directly from the President, or someone offering me bundles of cash, I can’t do it.

Its kind of exciting…..getting under someone’s skin so much, they want to destroy your entire life online.  You do know that I am not a virtual character, right?!? I didn’t even use the internet until I was out of college. So… essence, you are leaving me with the best years of my life. Regarding destroying my life, thanks for saying you “mean it”. It is important to keep promises.

You and Lawrence have a very complex relationship. It is full of passion and money exchanging hands. You two need to get a room and hash it out. I’m not into that scene.

Thanks for warning me about the fight. Are we going to meet after school or during recess? And thanks for not being a sexist. Clearly, you have no issues threatening a member of the opposite sex. You make me feel like one of the little guys. Just so you know, I’ve heard it all before. There is nothing you can say about me that I haven’t said and posted myself. If you have trouble finding things, there’s a porn video floating around with me and some zoo animals. I filmed it before I was placed in witness protection for breaking up the Animal Prostitution Ring of 92. Its okay if you find out my real name. Witness protection will just relocate me and give me a new one. I’m kind of getting tired of Iowa. Oh fuck! I guess I have to move on.

So again Jeremie, I’m sorry you are so upset, but I appreciate the word “please” when threatening me. You are one classy guy. And you’re right, you never did any “wrond” to me. You just did something “wrond” to the English language. And best of luck with your magazine and your WordPress blog that doesn’t allow ads. I love the free theme you picked out. It is the same one my son picked to blog about his Xbox games.

P.S: Can you reconsider though? Maybe you could go after my real-life. I have too many kids, one with special needs, I’m overwhelmed, under appreciated, have bunions, have painful varicose veins, some unknown growth on my cervix, $5.41 in savings, hair that’s falling out, pants I have to use a rubber band to fit into, a bitching menstrual cycle going on, only three beers in the frig, a ridiculous electric bill   ………………………………………………………………………………..

I finally did it RED! Here’s my 1 crazy to your 1,000,000,000 crazy.

52 thoughts on “SEX THIS YEAR Threatens Stay-at Home Mom with Disabled Child Living Paycheck to Paycheck

  1. Dearest Absurdity Lady
    What is wrond with these guy? I am see that he is subscribes to my blogs as well also but he is never ask me to writes article about the sex. Even though I have had the sex four whole times! Alsos I am verys good with writing in English.
    Well, poo on him he is a hole of ass for beings so mean to you. Even if he does choice to have me writes article on the sex, I will refude to do it because he choice to be such a wipe of ass.


    1. Hell MisplacedBoy,

      Theres is all kind of wrond with him. Jealous he is of all yours sex times four you have goings on. Ur use of the writ word scares him.

      Thanx for bean my freind and not sex write for him.


          I think you are asking me to pull the comments off and not my post. There wasn’t anything wrong with the post content or humor. Perhaps a review is in order.
          What pissed you off, were the comments fellow readers (mostly Lawrence) made. I can’t do anything about that. Afterall, Lawrence has his own blog, twitter and who knows what else. Maybe you should be worrying more about him, since he’s actually going after you.
          BUT……You are doing a bang up job screwing yourself over by the comments you’re making here on my site.


    2. Only one wipe of ass that recognized the other. I didn’t choose to be mean to Loree, but she did. I do not know her, so I just want here to take my name down, that’s all I want.

      Because frankly you can’t just go against someone you never met if you yourself aren’t a problematic.


      1. You shouldn’t send mail and make business offers to strangers. Didn’t your mama teach you nothing?!? Would you be willing to change your name? You know……That way there’s not more conflict.


  2. OMG! WOW what an asshole!!!

    Yeah, I’m talking about you Jeremie! You filthy animal – OH, how dare a “woman have a humor or an opinion… Your fake “outrage” and threats make you look like exactly like what you are, A “SAVAGE”! Please enlighten us on about the times YOU de-clited your woman in the village. Comment, Savage? Please? Yes I’m begging for your BRILLIANT rebutall so we can all LOLZ at it ASS!!

    … went to far? Fck HIM!!! Hope he answers…

    Hope you’re well girl!


    1. And that ladies and gentlemen was my Blog Bodyguard. Okay Jeremie. You have to get through her first. And it’s cheating if you walk right under her legs.

      Doing okay. Loving the posting opportunities guys like this give me.


  3. Loree,

    You said yourself, you shouldn’t have posted the email I sent you, which is not acceptable anywhere. and by the way, I don’t scammed people, I didn’t even know Lawrence until he started to sexually harassed the girls that was assigned to his project. Then he was asked to stop harassing the girl which lead to his anger, and requested a full refund of his campaign cost, after all the work we’d already done.

    So, he was given two choices.

    1. To stop harassing the girl and continue his campaign.
    2. or get 15% of the campaign cost back, which was stated in the contract. The message he has posted is deconstructed.

    If you want all proofs, I can provided to you, now my concern here is for the fact that you go about talking about me, you have first contacted me, instead sticking to one version of the story.

    If I was a scam as you fouls think, why should I used my real name? why would I used my real contact info? I find it so obvious that your motives are purely rooted in the fact that in white’s brains, blacks are nothing but scamers? Well I won’t fall in your trap.

    So here comes once again my request, I respect the fact that you stay strong as a mother of special needs, and I’m sorry that you have to undergo through a lot sometimes.

    But at the same time, I’m telling you, you don’t want to go into war with someone that haven’t anything to you.

    I’m asking one more time, pull the post down, trust me, you don’t want to see what I’m ready to do. I’m giving you until Monday morning.



        1. Oh…He set up a twitter account for me. He is such a sweetie! I think every blogger should write a post using his name in the title. Is he going to go after everyone?
          He is so nice….He is going to set up more accounts for me on other sites. He must have a lot of time on his hands.


          1. By the time he broadcasts to everyone on his “list” you will have more traffic than you know what to do with 😉 What a dish. What a doll.
            Reaches for barf bag.


  4. Oh my gosh, this is hysterical! How can anyone who butchers the English language this way expect to be taken seriously. Does he not have one person in his life that can read this stuff before he posts it so he doesn’t make such an ass out of himself. The person who will be harmed the most by this is the Legal Council he is threatening you with. They will get hernias from trying to keep straight faces.
    Food for thought Jeremie if you don’t want to be on here anymore, stop posting on here, duh!
    Nicely done G. Something, you are a hell of a body guard.


    1. Oh, trust me, I would be here until the post is down. And by the way, I do speak French. I’m taking anything to any legal council, I’ll handle it right here, please put the post down, and we’ll all go about our businesses.


      1. Hey SEX THIS YEAR!……I’m sure you are going to stick around us cool kids. It sucks no one wants to go to your sites and you have to be noticed over here, but we believe in charity… we’ll let you hang out for a bit. I must warn you though….if we catch anything, you’ll be getting that medical bill.
        Wow….you speak French and I took it in highschool and college. We almost have nothing in common. How cool is that??!!??


        1. I’m no afraid of Lawrence blog in any ways, but this is your blog, the title of your post is purely my name, please I’m warning pull the post down. You don’t really want to get into a fight with me.


          1. Oh….So you are scared of me. I can’t wait to tell my kids. They are going to think that’s so cool.
            SO…..You need me to change the title of the post to take your name out? You really think that many people read my blog and they care about you that much?
            I didn’t realize I was so famous and powerful. I have to tell my kids that too. Mom has become beyond super cool.
            Am I more powerful than the President now?


  5. Lorre, I’m warning you. Please pull the post down, the next I would pass by would be on Monday morning, trust me if that post is still there, you won’t like my next step. Keep joking around.

    All I need from you is to take my name away from your blog.


    1. Thanks again for the heads up. AND…..I joke around. That’s what I do. Its a humor blog. DUH!?!
      Okay…….SO you just want your name taken down from the blog? Hmmmmm? So…..Take down the name Jeremie Mouithsone? You do know that your name is all over the internet already, thanks to Lawrence, other folks who love you, and mainly…..because YOU put your name all over the internet. So what is the purpose of your request?
      We have to leave SEX THIS YEAR because you commmented so many “stalkerish” times.


  6. I was not even half way through it when I thought…. O.M.G. It is a Friday Folly!!!! I absolutely love it! And here is the little worm talking about a legal council. Was he elected or appointed? What a dope. I like he thinks we are fouls. Apparently, he has no concept precisely how foul we can be.

    LOVE THIS! Rock on, Chickadee! They only scream when you get the pin directly through their thorax. 😉


    1. It is a Friday Folly on steroids. Yeah…..I love the foul comment. He has such a grasp on the English language.
      I hope I’m still around after Monday though….You know, cuz we’re going to war. At least, that’s what I heard.


      1. Let’s do this, I’m going to create a blog under your name, and I’m sure the info I put on that blog won’t be please. And on Monday, I’ll check your blog is the post isn’t down, that blog will send out to about 100000 people, and trust me, you won’t like the outcome.

        So please, I do not know, I wouldn’t want any problem with someone I’ve never met, pull the post down.



        1. Let me save you some trouble. Start writing your shit now because I’m not taking anything down.

          If you are going to pretend a blog is mine please make sure to: spell things correctly, properly use the English language, and try to develop brains, and a sense of humor. Will you please?

          I’m assuming you are incapable though, so….best of luck on what you write. AND….I’m not pleased with anything you say, so you are probably right.

          By the way:
          1. If you can reach 100,000 (sounds like spam) so quickly, than why are you wasting your time with little old me?
          2. I thought you weren’t coming back until Monday, but here you are again.
          3. You are a shit stirrer. Don’t lie to me and say you don’t like fights or trouble. I think you thrive on conflict and bullshit. You just can’t get enough of it.
          4. Are your 15 minutes of “fame” up yet?


            1. Is that a promise?!?
              Well, Now you’ve gone and set up sub-par quality crap in my name…..So what are you going to bargain with now?
              Just stay away and set up your little land mines. I’m not worried. They’ll blow up in your face anyway.
              Thanks for making me famous! Do you know how many fake accounts people set up with different “stars” names? I guess I’ve arrived.


        1. I took a screen shot of this so it is public. I am going to email you about how to get him banned from Twitter and everywhere else he puts up this fraudulent crap.


        2. Thanks for using my hot picture.
          My husband is super interested in starting his own Twitter account now. He isn’t sure if he is going to use his name or someone else’s though.
          I mean…..How cool would it be to pretend to be someone else just because you have no life and your momma didn’t breastfeed you as an infant?!?
          When you photoshop the porn site, make sure you charge enough!


        3. Mr. Mouthisone, we have all, myself included had some fun at your expense. But now let’s get serious.
          With all respect, I ask you to please stop this. You are only making yourself look like a petulant child, but even worse you have already acted in such a manner as to subject yourself to possible legal issues.
          That is not a threat. It’s a statement of fact. Please let this go. Grow a thicker skin, shrug it off, and let this go.


  7. WTF? I leave you alone for a few weeks because my job thinks i’m a slave. And you get into all kinds of S.H.I.T. yes i read your post about your d**k grabbing friend. Just kill her and get it over with. Now you piss off a major player on the net. Ha, Ha, love your style! I am thinking about getting in on some of the fun, because no one F’S with my girl but i see that RED is all over it. and if you have seen how she protects some of her other friends you would know that she is not someone to F with. Oh yea how did that letting the horse out of the barn work out for you?


    1. You caught me. This is an elaborate hoax to entertain you and to make you feel guilty for being away for so long.
      That psycho moved….but only after accusing someone of trying to murder her. Poor guy…..he finally was released wtih the charges dropped.
      That Jeremie is a real douche. He overestimated his ability to intimidate. I think if he comes back……every blogger should write a post with his name in the title since that really pisses him off. I figured it out though. When I google his name….My blog has the 2nd highest ranking. I think that makes him mad. He should just write shit with his own name in it, but his cognitive abilities seem lacking……so……he probably won’t figure that one out.


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