Doing it old school……high school that is.

OKAY………So I debated about this post for a bit. Sorry to go all juvenile on you guys, but it must be done.  In the past two years, I’ve had to deal with a few people unraveling……….0 to 60 for no clear reason. If I thought my health insurance would cover it, I’d get the magnet removed that causes the attraction.  Let me clear things up for several people.

  • I am not responsible if your family gets murdered.
  • My husband and I are not swingers. BUT…..….If we were, sorry…….You two are not our type.
  • I believe people should pay their debts, even if you owe a millionaire money.
  • It’s poor form to grab my husband’s crotch and act like it was an accident.
  • Stealing someone’s property is ILLEGAL!
  • I exercise to stay in shape, not to piss you off.
  • Sending my hubby messages via Facebook and/or phone is unwise.
  • Make no mistake, my husband is on my side.
  • I heard you did me a favor by being my friend. Gee……Thanks!
  • Not everything is about you.
  • I’ve only posted about one (the Despicable One). Up until this post, you’ve just been feeding into your own paranoia.
  • No one gets to mess with my kids without some backlash.
  • I don’t care how drunk someone is. I don’t like people grabbing my breasts.
  • Coming into my home and being mean to my friends, is beyond uncool.
  • Before you start calling people names, you should really look up the definitions of the words you use.
  • My kids can hear their sailor talk from me, but thanks for the free language arts lesson.
  • Your world is very small, but mine isn’t.
  • I love drama, but only on the stage.
  • Heavy drinking is not my idea of socializing. I have a life and a liver to protect.
  • My husband’s tolerance of your disrespect for him, doesn’t make him a wimp…….it makes him a gentleman.
  • It’s okay to close the bridge without feeling like you have to set it on fire.
  • We share a different idea of success and a different set of values.
  • Most of the problems we’ve had……….are all in your head.
  • We will never be friends again, but I wish you the best………because that’s how I roll!

19 thoughts on “Doing it old school……high school that is.

  1. Hopefully this nut-bar will recognize herself this time accurately and be shamed into disappearing from your life. Unfortunately, people like her rarely see themselves for what they are.


  2. Kudos, Lorre! In jest or not, such stuff should be boldly stated. Honesty is the best policy and of course, –as usual, morons, offenders and guilty derelicts won’t see themselves or take advice anyway, so whack’em and stack’em as you see fit after returning the favour. “:) Nut-bars don’t admit responsibility but do have an insatiable proclivity for grabbing crotches, feeling breasts and other assorted parts, so it is an ongoing problem. Give’em the finger at will. “:)


    1. LMAO. I wish this list was in jest, but it isn’t. I think these crazies should be officially diagnosed with a disorder. I agree on the no responsibility thing. They think they are flawless.
      Here’s me giving them the finger. Can you see it?


  3. I really like the one about closing the bridge without setting it on fire. Need to do that in my own life, even though I feel like blowing the bridge to smithereens.


  4. I love the last line. Truly awesome if I’m ever in that situation I would totally love to use it. That burning down the bridge one is pretty awesome too. I love the way you roll!


  5. Ohhhhhh snap! No you didn’t just get all up in that ass! The fact that you can be so incredibly adult about some one grabbing your mans private or your Girls is amazing! You the man kid! love this site! And thats how I roll


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