2 Days Late: Not pregnant, just Friday Frenzy (6/29/12)

SO……Here are some of my observations, thoughts and just plain updates. I know…….It’s what you’ve all been waiting for.

(Thanks again for the pics Google Images)


I get that it’s super hot outside, and you are a man, so it isn’t illegal…….BUT……It should be. I will admit to the practice of beer gut discrimination, but please put a damn shirt on. AND…….The vibration of your lawn mower is not helping matters. Rebalance the blade and clothe yourself! By the way, I hope you aren’t single, because dude, that is not the way to advertise.

I was recently confronted with a person, who admitted to having the wrong impression of me. WELL…….Let me correct that. They admitted to having an impression of me that I told them was wrong. BUT…….That’s neither here nor there. Here’s what’s odd. When they thought I was one way…..they spoke to me. When I corrected them and put myself in a more positive light…….they stopped speaking to me. I guess some people just need to believe in certain evils so they don’t feel so bad about themselves. Sounds like a future posting.



All of The Things have left for camp. Maybe I can get some of my own writing done. I mentioned I was working on a project a few weeks ago, but I haven’t gotten too far. To be honest, I haven’t gotten anywhere. How crazy was I? Pretty fucking crazy! I thought having the kids home would give me more time to write since I wasn’t driving them to and from school and their activities ended. DUMBASS! I am in more demand than ever. WELL……At least I have until Friday.



I always wondered about steroids and food. I think he looks quite distinguished with a “stache”.

Justice Moustache 003

22 thoughts on “2 Days Late: Not pregnant, just Friday Frenzy (6/29/12)

  1. Lorre, I guess some of those out-of-shape beer guts think they should be proud of it when it gets bigger than the grass-collector bag, so they flaunt it to try to impress that beautiful chicklet Lorre next door. Perhaps they’re using the shaky lawnmower as a belly-conditioner in their best effort to display all of the accoutrements….. Best thing to do is ignore, ignore and ignore, but not necessarily in that order. “:)


      1. I don’t know….I think you are overlooking the millions to be made. I bet there are more beer guts than chicklets…..at least the kind you seek.


  2. I applaud you calling them out on the beer gut. Why is that OK for men to burn my retinas with the image of their vast expanse gleaming in the sun?


  3. Good luck getting something done, Lorre. I do remember reading that post saying that with the kids home you’d have more time, and thinking, damn, she must have them well trained. Glad you brought me back to earth!


  4. Have you managed to do anything yet Lorre? 🙂 😉 lol
    BTW – You will need to click on this comment link to
    gain entry into my Space so don’t forget or you will be
    presented with a page that suggests my Space has
    been deleted when in actual fact it never was 🙂 Yes
    it’s a bit of a mix up for me too but there you have it
    and I will be waiting for you to drop by PRONTO 😉 lol

    Have a fun evening and get something done okay? 🙂

    DUMBASS you are NOT…

    Androgoth XXx


    1. I think you put crazy obstacles and blocks in your Space just to keep people crazy and confused. It’s a great tactic! I will be by as soon as I can. I have come to the conclusion that I am just a turtle now…when it comes to the blog thing.


  5. The gut syndrome is oddly male (don’t hate). I think it is fueled by testosterone, it heads toward the ego part of the brain convincing them it is appropriate, even attractive to ‘let it all hang out’. Perhaps it is a throw back to the troglodyte era when this would have proven they were a good hunter / provider?

    Never mind what people think, who cares? Did you want him to talk to you? Bah


    1. Well….I actually posted this because I tried to get his attention by yelling at him: “Hey hot stuff. Shake it baby!”……Alas, he ignored me. I was very hurt and took my revenge out in this post. Plus…..His lawn looks better than ours.


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