Jeremie Mouithsone: Who?

SO……Here is a letter I received in my inbox last night.



My name is Jeremie Mouithsone, I’m launching a guys and girl’s go-to magazine for everything from the coolest new sex advice to the most powerful sexual attraction tips; our aim is arm men and women with the tools to create and live a better sex life, and have more fun doing it.

(OKAY……I googled his name and found a lot. A lot of stuff he created for himself, to promote who knows what, with no follow through. His public Facebook page has a lovely “going to prom” pic though.)


The primary objectives of Sexthismonth magazine will be to provide readers with personalize tips and advice related to their sexual experiences (If they already had it, then isn’t it too late? I don’t think these situations are suited for armchair quarterbacking.), in order to help them achieve the following goals:
Create the sexual experience they desire and deserve.
Eliminate sexual barriers that may be holding them back. (Like a family and kids?)
Providing them with ways to not only enjoy, but adore their bodies, as well their partner’s bodies. (TIP: Don’t look at yourself in dressing room mirrors. For that matter….Just don’t look. Lights out and blindfold on. You’d be amazed how great your partner will look.)
Harmonize, and as well as creating sparks back into relationships and marriages.

The magazine website is under development as we speak:

(The shell of a site does exist.)

First publication: January 1, 2013/ digital version.

We are looking for contributors for the upcoming magazine and its website, and because of your expertise we would like to ask if you’ll consider joining our contributors team. We’ve had a look at your work, and feel that your expertise would make for a great submission!

(I would love to know what expertise he believes I have. You know…..He must have talked to my Indian friend about our sexual conversation. Perhaps my expertise involves yelling expletives at solicitors on the phone. That is hot! BUT……He said he has looked at my work. I’m pretty sure my husband took those pics off of YouTube.)

Below is a short explanation of why you should join our contributors team.

Why join the team:

The site will grow fast and your contribution will give you a good exposure, as your contents is seen by millions of people. Our aim is to provide users with personalize and high quality articles everyday and we need your help to make this a reality.

(WELL…..Although your language skills are amazing, and the exposure you are offering is tempting, I don’t think I would be able to provide millions of people with personalize articles. That’s a lot of personalize to do.)


Were will the magazine be first seen by readers?

The magazine will first be release online (digital version) and via the following channels.
At our website:
iPad (Awesome…..I created a magazine when I was twelve. I published (in my home with notebook paper/pencil/crayon) 3 issues, which I sold for a nickel and that was just to read them. I still have them. Maybe I’ll publish them and give you some healthy competition.)

One of the above channels will provide readers with an option of getting a print version of the issue they’re willing to purchase.


Benefits of Joining the team:
Your article will be featured for readers to see. (I suppose if they print it out, they could also use my article for toilet tissue.)
You can promote your own portfolio, website, along with your biography in the Author Information box at the end of each post, in both website and its monthly publication. (Hmmmmmm……You sure know how to tempt a girl.)
You’ll have an opportunity to both own our company shares, and a monthly salary as soon as the magazine start generating revenue. (SO……I see there is an opportunity in the future for me to PAY you for some shares. Sounds like a solid investment. OH…..And how awesome a salary would be, but the magazine has to generate revenue. I wonder when you’ll decide that will be??!!??)

Our aim is to create a focus-oriented strategy for all contents, which will give you an opportunity to become an expert in a particular field in the long-term. ( I thought I was an expert already? So you’re saying, If I have a focus-oriented strategy for my content, then I will become an expert in a particular field and long-term. IF that’s the case, I think I should write about medicine or law. There’s a lot more money to be had once I’m a medical or legal expert.)


What’ll be included in each articles:
Full Name / First Name: depending what you prefer to be know as. (I prefer to sign things CHUMP.)
Web site URL: you don’t have to have a website, you can link to your twitter or any other social media account
Bio: a short piece of text describing who you are and what you do.
Gravatar: if you don’t have a gravatar you should sign up, its a free service that will benefit any posts or comments you make, and show a small picture of yourself so readers can easily identify you.

What kind of content are we looking for?
Sexual, Erotic, romance articles that readers will always remember. (I can’t remember all my sexual experiences, but you think someone will remember an article on sex?)
Foods and meals that boost sexual desires. (Lots of alcohol.)
Sport tips that boost sexual desires. (Ass slapping! Oh wait…..athletes already do that, but I don’t think it turns them on, or does it?)
Fashion for sexual attraction (T-shirts that say: “I’m an easy lay.” or “I’m on the pill.” or “I’m still a virgin.” AND……for women…..”I have a job.” or “I promise to remember your name.” or “I’m not married.”)
sex tutorials, and more. (Those are in my private collection.)

When will the first issue be published?
The first publication is schedule for January 1, 2013, whiele we’re working on its website. With that being, in order to get more understand our what our audience needs (I thought they needed sex stuff.)
and want may look like in the futre we’ll therefore release a mini version of the first issue latest August 31, 2012. This means, we’ll need you to provide with your contribution latest June 15, should you decide to proceed. (Oh crap, it looks like you sent me this email 5 days too late. I can’t believe I’m going to miss out on this great opportunity. I can’t submit something to you, have you possibly post it, tell me there are tons of subscribers ready to buy in January and then ask me for money to buy some shares. Meanwhile…..This thing never sees the light of day and I lose my money. Damn…..I really wish I could be on this gravy train.)

Contribution timetable:
And below are some of the options we think my might work best for the both of us:
1. One article per month for the magazine issue delivered to me by the 15 of the month, every month, 800 words per article.
2. One articles per month delivered on an agreed date for the website, 1000 words per article every month.

We would send you an agreement for you to sign as soon as we have your final say. (I have seen your twitter and MySpace page and all the other stuff you opened for yourself. You are too much like the mighty OZ. I don’t think we run in the same circles and I’m not good at the hamster wheel……….SO………..I’ll have to decline. I wouldn’t want to bring the quality of your ventures to an all-time low.)

Thank you again for consedering being part of the team and we definitely look forward to working with you! ( That’s flattering. You may want to check out your FB page though. It seems that someone isn’t too happy to be working with you. He wants his money back for some ads and so do his friends. It sucks to have trouble in paradise so early on. That’s the price you pay when you are a media mogul.)

Wishing you all the best,
Jeremie Mouithsone

(Wishing you the best too. Can I have some spam with that?)

44 thoughts on “Jeremie Mouithsone: Who?

  1. Ah. translation: write for me for free so I can make money.
    He’s the new huffington post!
    Let me know when you post that hot article on having sex while putting away the groceries, would you?


        1. I am not going to let it rest. Someone said he has good intentions. Cool I hope he returns our money. There are now three of us. I wish I could get to more people.


        1. Thanks. All I wanted to do was to advertise my book, “Kill Me Now!”. I had a falling out with my publisher iUniverse who I found was not reporting all sales to me. So I wanted to change the cover in the advert, yet they are not returning calls or emails and my advert is not on their website.

          Paypal is not helping because more than 45 days has passed.


      1. I’ve cracked the subtext code of your blog. I caught that whole chapter you hid about about putting away the “rice” dressed in high heels and a gardening apron over your housecoat.


    1. Be very wary. The approached me in February to contribute as the magazine was supposed to be out 30th March 2012. Delays and delays and despite a big announcement 1st May, there is no magazine. I wrote three articles for them and paid for advertising.

      I have approached Paypal to investigate them.


    1. Maybe I could make a job out of this. I want a shirt made up with the words SCAM MAGNET……..
      They are pathetic losers, who can’t make their own way in the world unless they do it by using others.


  2. As an update, he has since blocked me from leaving comments on Facebook.

    He deleted my post on Facebook, presumably after he read yours or my blog.

    He has also sent an email to one of the other people that had problems, that he was continuing working next week and would be in touch. I wonder if they still trust him? I don’t.

    Such dishonesty.


    1. If he has conceited as he seems, I’m sure he checks he googles his own name at least once and day and has found this. I hope so!
      I don’t know what your story is….I couldn’t seem to open the link.
      He is a giant, dishonest, scamming asshole. That is what he is.


  3. This was hilarious. I loved how you “interrupted” parts of this to point out some fallacy or arbitrary phrasing. It’s always nice and suspicious when they say you can promote your own work… I couldn’t help but think it would also be awkward to get expertise in sex advice. *chuckles*


      1. Thank ~you~ for visiting the scribes. Also I must laugh, because I couldn’t help but think how hard he must have pondered this letter. All he had to do was ask I suspect?

        Then again, that wouldn’t be nearly as humorous.


      2. If he spent as much time writing as he did trying to get people to do things for him….he would have a million magazines. BUT….I suspect he lacks talent.


    1. Sounds like his is just a con artist, who has found a new way to make some money…AND….If he isn’t smart enough to be a con man, then he is at least just a poor businessman who can’t pay any of the money back he spent. Either way….it sucks.


    1. Like a fishing net……you don’t always get what you want and sometimes…poor unsuspecting dolphins get all caught up. Can we call the internet’s version of PETA?


  4. Wow — I got the exact same email you posted and thought it sounded kind of bizarre, so I asked “Jeremie” for some additional details on his background… His response was even weirder:
    From: editors
    Date: June 20, 2012 6:23:16 AM CDT
    To: 21st Century
    Subject: Re: I’m looking for Contributors
    Reply-To: editors
    Hi Anna,
    Thanks for replying so soon, and yes I did really enjoyed it, that’s why I felt compelled to contact you. Speaking of my background, yes I’ve work in the publishing industry, but for local magazine, and I’ve a good understand of the online business, precisely with online marketing.
    I’ve a bachelor degree in Psychology.
    I’ve a diploma in Graphic design.
    I’ve also done some freelance job with some online publishing companies.
    The idea of the magazine born out of my sexual experiences, my entire life, I’ve been struggling with what most people premature ejaculation, it’s something I’ve had since I was 17 years old.
    It usually happened on the second time of any sexual encounter I’ve had so far, and lately it has destroyed my marriage, leading a divorce. So with said, few months ago, I decided to share my story with the world, in way that would help others, as well as being a healing tool for me.
    The website is still under development, and will be ready hopefully by next week. So I hope the above clarification would help you make up your mind, and I shall hope that you will find within my word a reason to join our team.
    Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
    Kind regards,

    Premature ejaculation as inspiration? That’s a … new one…


    1. Unbelievable.

      As long as you were not conned into writing for him. Three months after he claimed that his magazine is out, it is still not out


      1. Fortunately no… replied to their repeated emails that I’d like to see the publication in press before writing/agreeing to anything. The (again weird) response, but this time from his editor (?) Molly…:


        Thank you for your response, and I understand your hesitations.  Please take your time in making a decision; don’t feel that it needs to be done by August.  The website is (hopefully) going to go live on 8/1, but most of the articles there in are not going to do the magazine justice, as there won’t be that many writen by our team, due to time restraints.

        As far as the nature of the magazine, my vision is to cover sex from the perspective of the novice and the seasoned veteran, the dating and the married, the vanilla and kinky.  It seems like a lot, but that is my goal.

        Again, thank you for considering the position, and please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.



        1. sounds like a worthwhile venture if Jeremie was not so dishonest.

          I complained to Paypal about him. Still waiting for their reply


      1. Ha! Indeed…couldn’t decide if his “personal honesty” was super progressive, super inappropriate, or a super big red flag. Thanks for your post… glad to know what’s really going on with this guy and his magazine scheme.


  5. Hi all,

    Just so you know, his initial website is down and so is his Facebook account. I am still waiting to see if Paypal returns my money.


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