Phone Call

SO…….This is a conversation I just had with my hubby minutes ago.


Lorre: Hello.

Cowboy: (panting) Hey.

Lorre: Are you riding your bike right now?

Cowboy: Yeah. I just made it up “blah, blah” Hill.

Lorre: Is that hard?

Cowboy: Yeah. It’s right at “blah blah location”.

Lorre: Well…..(interrupted)

Cowboy: Gotta go. (hangs ups)


AND…..This is a conversation that is typical any other day.




Cowboy: Hello.

Lorre: (panting) Hey.

Cowboy: What’s wrong with you?  Are you having sex?

Lorre: Yeah. I’m having sex while I’m taking care of the baby, washing dishes, doing laundry….(interrupted)

Cowboy: I’m just trying to be funny.  Put the baby down and take a nap.

Lorre: A nap? Does that mean your gonna help when you get home?

Cowboy: I can’t talk right now. I’m working.

Lorre: Your working? I…..(hang up)


At least there is consistency with the beginning and end of each call.

16 thoughts on “Phone Call

  1. Yours are better than mine!

    Wind whooshing in background….

    “I am on my way home”
    “Is dinner ready?”
    “No but it will be, which golf course are you at?”
    “I will be there in XX minutes.”



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