Haiku Sunday: The world needs assholes.

To all the assholes

Thanks for being who you are

You make us look good

Keep up the fine work

You are a great role model

For how not to act

Oh..did I forget

Your co-worker thanks you too

Promotion is his

Oh…did I forget

Your ex wants to thank you too

Better without you

Oh…did I forget

Your co-worker and your ex

Sex in your old bed


23 thoughts on “Haiku Sunday: The world needs assholes.

  1. Or your best friend and your ex, sex in your old bed – actually happened to me, believe it or not – nearly 20 years of friendship ignited and charred instantly. Yes, the world needs assholes. Glad to be me and glad you are you, L 🙂


    1. The good news is…they have each other and will soon learn how miserable two assholes together are.
      We are both better off without being intertwined with such.


  2. Yes there is nothing like a stupid
    asshole to make us feel a lot better
    Lorre 🙂 Hey are you having a good
    day today and being good? 🙂 😉 lol

    Androgoth XXx


    1. Well…..I haven’t been up long enough to get into trouble. Although, I came dangerously close to telling the lady at the post office to drink just a wee bit more before coming to work. I filtered myself though.


      1. Yes well it is just after 10am where you are now so you need to get a bit naughtier as the day progresses, hopefully by the evening your naughty dial will be hitting the maximum and your man will be sooooo happy about that I am sure 🙂

        Have a lovely morning Lorre 🙂

        Androgoth XXx


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