Michael Jackson: Newly Released Phone Call from 1995

SO……..I stumbled upon the oddest thing. I found (in my twisted mind) a transcript of a phone call between Michael Jackson and some chick. That in itself is odd…..I know! BUT……It’s crazy, because the phone call uses every song title from his albums: OFF THE WALL (1979) THRILLER (82) BAD (87) DANGEROUS (91) HISTORY (95)… Read More Michael Jackson: Newly Released Phone Call from 1995

DAD: Happy Tax Deduction Day!

There’s no shame in admitting that it’s one of the perks. SO…..To all the wonderful fathers, who love their children and are there for them….. HAPPY FATHER’S DAY! AND……….To the fathers who are deadbeats, don’t pay child support, don’t pay attention to their children, do unspeakable harm or are just plain nonexistent……I’m going to thank… Read More DAD: Happy Tax Deduction Day!

Friday Frenzy (6/15/12): Read This or Watch Paint Dry

  I don’t know people. It’s a close one. Hey Ladies: Did you know that you can do more with cucumbers than……Ummmm…….make a salad? It’s true. With the help of my wise friends, Mr. and Mrs. Trapped Wolf, I have made pickles (dill, sweet, sandwich). AND…..Since no one has lived long enough to know how… Read More Friday Frenzy (6/15/12): Read This or Watch Paint Dry

Phone Call

SO…….This is a conversation I just had with my hubby minutes ago. **RING, RING** Lorre: Hello. Cowboy: (panting) Hey. Lorre: Are you riding your bike right now? Cowboy: Yeah. I just made it up “blah, blah” Hill. Lorre: Is that hard? Cowboy: Yeah. It’s right at “blah blah location”. Lorre: Well…..(interrupted) Cowboy: Gotta go. (hangs ups)… Read More Phone Call