Mother’s say what?

As Mother’s Day approaches, I thought we’d break from the usual nonsense and read some words of potential wisdom. Viewpoints on motherhood and caring for the home: Motherhood is the biggest on-the-job training program in existence today. (Erma Bombeck) God could not be everywhere, so he made mothers (Jewish Proverb) Cleaning your house while your… Read More Mother’s say what?

WARNING: He is contagious!

Don’t be alarmed. I mean it in a good, politically correct way. His mood is contagious. It’s like yawning. Once someone does it, then we all start to yawn. AND…..That is not unlike the yawning you are doing now while reading this.                                       There are people who just don’t get it. Moods are contagious. You… Read More WARNING: He is contagious!

Pimped out for $80.You should see what you get for $100!

I suppose these pics would be better if I had actually thought of taking BEFORE shots, but my brain didn’t register that idea at the time.  SO…..Imagine gramma-lavender walls with fake, vintage-cream tins, holding dried-girlie flowers and an awkward over-the-toilet shelf, with loads of annoying bathroom paraphernalia. NOW….new paint, crazy popping flower art, shelves….blah, blah,… Read More Pimped out for $80.You should see what you get for $100!