Failure to Launch: Friday Frenzy (yesterday)

OKAY…….My bad.

I missed Friday Frenzy because I was in a frenzy. Literally, I was in a “mind” killing frenzy last night and pretty much this morning.

I feel that working out my violent tendencies in my head, prevents me from acting out on anything in real life.

 PLUS…… I so don’t want to go to prison and give up my satellite television, watered down beer and……oh yeah…..Freedom!

OH…….And I really don’t want to be someone’s bitch. Well, maybe if they pay the mortgage and…….OH CRAP…..I am somebody’s bitch.

I will try to get my much-anticipated post out later today. I’m sure the suspense will kill most of you, but only in my mind.

DISCLAIMER: No people were harmed outside of my mind.

12 thoughts on “Failure to Launch: Friday Frenzy (yesterday)

  1. Lorre, there are days like that when major murder, unmitigated mayhem and pointed destruction seem like an attractive set of must-do options -but no, you could harm your fine devious mind in the process of planning havoc. It is best to rant and rave, smile and wave instead, eat ice cream fast as you please and get brain freeze instead…..”:))


  2. Yeah, that whole freedom thing always hangs there in the back of my head, screaming that I might not want to commit the violence I’m thinking about committing. I’m pretty sure if I’m dumb and not a criminal, I’d be an even dumber criminal. Just a thought.


  3. You are nearly as crackers as me you are Lorre
    but don’t worry I have a straight jacket waiting for
    you with extra wicked chocolate handcuffs and a
    matching gag, optional of course 🙂 Freedom will
    be a tad tricky unless you like chocolate all over
    your person 🙂 well I only said…

    Androgoth XXx


      1. Well I figured it was a lot more than
        what I initially described but now you
        have confirmed it, I have the imagery
        and the wickedness to know exactly
        what you have in there 🙂 😉 lol

        Androgoth XXx


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