Blog Search Terms: stupid, scary, sane and sick

I find it fascinating and disturbing, the search terms that people have used to find my blog. Sadly, it seems hardly anyone actually uses the name of my blog.

Instead they use such terms as:

  • any variation of a person/persons of varying ages tied up: Let me just say: This is not and never will be a porn site. AND…….This is most certainly not a site for pedophiles. BUT…….Seriously, you sickos need to hang out elsewhere.
    • santa claus tied up: AND……Who is the twisted person that wanted to see Santa Claus tied up? What is wrong with you??!!??
    • getting your vibrator to work: UHHHH! Put batteries in it.
    • free gay boys: I’m pretty sure I’ve never solicited boys of any kind on my blog, free or otherwise.
    • shape changers fucking: Is the thrill in watching them change during the event? Someone get back to me on this one.
    • husband and drunk wife invited their best black friend to join: Join your scrabble game? Okay. I am at a loss at how you got here.
    • how to get pregnant with a boy: Stop looking up crap like this! Get back to your homework and do the dishes before your mom gets home.
    • I want tow fucken my friends First of all, not to stereotype, but I’d like to think you are challenged in the way of language arts and not just a stupid idiot. This is probably not my business, but you clearly want advice on this topic, hence the search. I think you should deviate from this plan. You will lose your friendship and become, if you aren’t already, a big skank tramp. Sorry for the big words, let me rephrase. No fucken hasbend! Lose friend and you big slutto now!
  • Barbies searches are freakishly popular:
    • barbie pregnant, fat, old, slut, drunk, porn
    • ken fucks barbie:
    • drunk barbie cake: Seriously??!!??
    • barbie die
    • barbie hooker
    • ken doll sex
    • two or three barbies
    • barbie surgery
    • ken kills barbie
    • why doesn’t barbie ever get pregnant: Because she isn’t real dumbass!
  • many variations on husband not being your friend
  • celebrities that have rabies: Probably a lot of them.
  • koolaid down syndrome: I have never heard of that diagnosis. I’m fairly certain the consumption of Kool-Aid, does not result in down syndrome. BUT….I am not a medical doctor.
  • snow white kiss my ass: This must be a search by the evil queen or perhaps a disgruntled dwarf. OR…..Am I supposed to say little person?
  • can i fuck your children up and shake them up with ass: If I understand this correctly, you want to research screwing your/someone else’s children up and then frightening them with a backside? Okay. Clearly I will need help with this one. Perhaps I just don’t speak the language. Any translators out there?
  • room spinning and shaking after alcohol: The shaking is a new one to me. Perhaps you were drunk during an earthquake? Anyway……don’t drink so much! Glad I could help.
  • where is gregory godek today?: I had no idea anyone would want to find him. Remember: He is America’s Romance Coach (the one we never knew we had), which is why we must be failing at love so often.

SO…….I suppose I share some responsibility here. Sorry for my misleading posts, which thwarted your search for truth, ultimate stupid answers and sick videos. I imagine these are a few of the culprits.

He’s not my friend. He’s my husband.

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TAG: The new four letter word or the only word you’ll ever need?

For the saps………….

Cheap Love: Courtesy of “The Coach”

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27 thoughts on “Blog Search Terms: stupid, scary, sane and sick

      1. I think it’s a compliment. AND….considering there are a lot of stupid people on the internet, looking for stupid things to make them feel more normal…….I think we’re good.


    1. Oh my, did you put me in a somewhat intelligent category? That doesn’t happen often, but I’ll take it and I’m glad you get to join in on this nonsense.


  1. Search Engines are Turned Off
    otherwise who knows what there
    would be added…

    I hope that you are enjoying a very
    wicked and ghoulishly enjoyable eve 🙂

    Androgoth XXx


      1. Yes I think there would be and you know
        how squeamish I am, maybe it’s best left
        on the ‘off’ position for the moment, besides
        I am far too innocent to be reading such an
        array of outright naughtiness 🙂

        Have a wonderful evening now and be naughty 😉

        Androgoth XXx


      2. Yes…I wouldn’t want anyone to mess with your fragile and sensitive self. It could totally ruin you for life. We wouldn’t want that, now would we?


    1. I can’t help wondering….where do these people live (boxes, basements, cellars) and what do they look like…do for a living……
      They walk among us. It’s scary to think about.


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