You could’ve done worse.

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and for some, that might bring dread.  It could be your mom, mother-in-law or even a grandmother you recognize or force yourself to visit on this day.  For those who think their “maternal” person is annoying, smothering, lacking maternal instinct, downright embarrassing, the direct spawn of Satan and so much more…….WELL……Let’s see if we can turn that around for you. Maybe she’s not as bad as you thought.

The following mothers (meant both ways), might get the prize for Most Annoying, Most Smothering, Most Heartless, Most Embarrassing, Most Likely the spawn of Satan and so much more.

Mary Kay Letourneau

Joan Crawford

Martha Stewart

Courtney Love

Britney Spears

Thomas Beatie

Place pic here if your

“maternal” one makes

the cut.

16 thoughts on “You could’ve done worse.

  1. I am not sure if I am appalled or offended. With all your powers of cut and paste, my picture is not up there. Sheesh. I must try harder.


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