Friday Frenzy (5/11/12)

  It’s that time again people.

I am super excited about my earnings with WordPress. Every since they put ads on my page, I’ve been raking it in.  SO FAR…..I’ve made 0.98¢.

My wrists hurt from kickboxing class. WTF! Of course, my ankles are in excrutiating pain after a few rounds of paper, rocks, scissors……AND….Don’t even get me started on paper cuts while using the treadmill.

I can finally fit into a pair of shorts I wore back in 2006. The fact that they have an elastic waistband should not cancel out the achievement.

The infamous person (I will call them: “Despicable Me”), who owes my Cowboy money and refuses to pay, is now offering to handle other people’s money. I have to LMAO about that one. I hope the minions figure it out before they lose their shirts. Seriously, if a buck can be made, those shirts will be taken.

I admit it: I am a blocker. Even though I have felt the sting (heavy sarcasm) of being blocked on Facebook, I have blocked a few people myself. NOW………I actually had a good reason. I blocked a con artist, who has committed felonies and is currently breaking the law with an offense I will not mention. I also blocked an insane woman, who made several false accusations against people. These claims were horrific and would end up in serious jail time if anyone took them seriously. I just found out her latest lie, which was a claim of attempted murder, was discovered to be untrue. The person was set free. NOW………That’s what blocking on Facebook is used for people.

Our yard sucks. We don’t have a good place to put a play set or a swing for The Cute One. It finally occurred to us to bring the fun inside the house. This is the highlight of my week and his. Okay…..he doesn’t look too excited here, but trust me, inside, he is going nuts.

Bloody Blocks Justice Swings 003

16 thoughts on “Friday Frenzy (5/11/12)

  1. Look he is kinda cute today, thinking to himself I am stuck in this swing when I could be getting into stuff I am not supposed to get into….what is up with that, I mean really. You think they don’t think these things, but they do.

    I block people all the time, people that are A-holes. People that just piss me off. People that lie, cheat and steal. People that are members of my family (oh, those are in some cases people that lie, cheat and steal and piss me off). I think Blocking is one of the better Facebook tools.

    Kickboxing, hmmm. I wonder if I could do a form of this without hurting myself.


    1. Keeping him in that swing keeps the room clean for about 10 minutes longer.
      I agree with all your blocking reasons. People like that shouldn’t be shocked when blocked.
      That kickboxing lady causes me great pain every time I go.


  2. I prefer to swing indoors…fewer mosquitoes.

    I have a block list which exceeds the number of telephone numbers blocked on my cell…which is saying a lot. Not one of them should be surprised in the least.

    Congrats on the size, chickie! I am right there with you. Three more pounds and I will be smaller than I was in high school. I have always loved that expression. I went to school with some people who were tanks in high school.


    1. Good point. I never thought about the squitoes.

      I imagine with all the people you deal with, you’d have to have a list about a mile long. Even if you had a great reason, I’m sure you are the bitch in the scenerio. Isn’t that always the way it works?

      Only a few more weeks until the pools open so I really need to step it up. I am trying to hit the YMCA at least 4-5x a week/1-2 classes each time. Here’s to you and losing the pounds. You need to go to a reunion and really piss people off.


      1. Oh, hell yes. The last time I ran into anyone I went to HS with, I got the obligatory jaw drop when I mentioned how many children I have and then the up and down eye. I volunteered I had not been to see a plastic surgeon (obviously SHE had). The pucker was priceless, as I am sure it matched the one at the south end when I told her, “Seems you are just the way I remembered you.” I am an evil bitch. She had gained about 40 pounds.



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