Blocked to death!

It’s a tragedy folks. I’ve been blocked on Facebook. It seems my elimination of friends from my overgrown list, met with some feelings of betrayal for some. Needless to say, the majority of the 95 people I cut, didn’t seem to mind, and they probably haven’t even noticed. BUT……Since I hurt some to the point where they blocked me, I feel an apology letter is in order, to them and anyone getting ready to do the same.

Dear Blocker:

I’m so sorry that I dared to defriend you. I guess I misread the signs of our relationship. You never called me. You never came to visit. You never invited me to visit. We never hung out. You never emailed me. You haven’t communicated with me on Facebook. You clearly have no interest in me as a person. I guess it never occurred to me, that someone who doesn’t wish to be a friend in “real life”, would want to be a friend in “virtual life”. How ignorant of me. Obviously, my decision has cut you to the core, causing you immense pain.

And now, I have been blocked. You showed me and now I suffer. I can never search your name. I will never be able to see your photo shoot quality profile picture. I will never be able to see who our mutual friends are, so that I can secretly quiz them on your status. I already regret our parting. AND……Worst of all, I won’t be able to view your fascinating comments on our mutual friend’s walls. I will miss the days of seeing “OMG. I wish it wasn’t Monday.” and “OMG. I’m so glad it’s Friday.”

It’s hard to hold back the tears, but I will manage somehow. Farewell stranger in life, and unknown bestie in “virtual life”. BUT wait………doesn’t that kind of make you a my stalker? OR……Are you so consumed with yourself that you think everyone else should be too? Isn’t blocking after a defriending kind of like putting on two condoms.  BUT…….I guess you just want to make sure no one gets through. I can’t believe I defriended someone as smart as you. I will regret that decision forever or until I’m done with this post. Whichever comes first.

Good luck in your “virtual life”.



20 thoughts on “Blocked to death!

    1. I suppose if they were really my friends, they would have read my blog to see that I was chopping up the friends list. Oooops! I guess they aren’t really my friends……hence the chopping block.


  1. You know I have been blocked for the greatest things… like being responsible for the way all Americans vote because I’m an American… or trying to offer hope to someone who apparently believes life is about being eternally depressed. I had one person block me because I supported the fight against breast cancer! Sheez! She was a survivor! But my favorite will always be being blocked because my heart was breaking and I needed a friend but I didn’t have my real picture on Facebook. I didn’t realize that was a criterion for deserving a friend.

    I promise never to block… actually, I’ve never seen you on Facebook. :/


    1. Oh….I’m there.
      I had heard you like to swing people’s voting choices. AND….If you can’t let someone stay depressed, then what good are you.
      Don’t you know you have to publicly support every cause each of your friends support. Geesh Anne, what were you thinking??!!??
      Not having your real pic up. Rookie mistake #1 in the real friend handbook.
      Come on. You are one step away from being blocked by everyone.


  2. Well I admit … I am a Left Wing Socialist Fascist Communist Atheist Liberal Gay Loving Pagan Dancing in the Forest Nekid immoral dissolute degenerate vile debauched unpatriotic America hating …. the list goes on but those are some of the reasons I have been blocked in the past, I am proud of every last one of them.


  3. Facebook is a strange, pointless thing. I have a load of self aggrandising nutters on my facerbook page, barking nonsense to no-one in particular. You are better off without these people in the first place. Have a nice weekend and enjoy your little one’s indoor swing. Now THAT is worth somethng to shout about!


  4. I put up something offensive every week thanking my defrienders. I have a standard one which says FB should post a status when someone unfriends us so we can LIKE it. Truly, if there was every cause for a LOVE button, that would be it.


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