WARNING: He is contagious!

Don’t be alarmed. I mean it in a good, politically correct way. His mood is contagious. It’s like yawning. Once someone does it, then we all start to yawn. AND…..That is not unlike the yawning you are doing now while reading this.

Justice May 5th 007                                      Justice May 5th 008

There are people who just don’t get it. Moods are contagious. You can get them with your clothes on and without exchanging any type of bodily fluids. Once you’ve caught someone’s mood, it’s hard to shake. If the mood you catch is good, then you’ve lucked out. Not only will you feel better, but you will then spread it around to others. BUT……If the mood is negative, then you just got screwed, and as I said, not the way you previously thought to catch something so nasty. Not only will your mood plummet to dark places, but you will spread it to others like the plague. It’s a real shame they don’t offer face masks or gloves that can keep bad moods from spreading. Washing your hands won’t help either.

Maybe THOSE people do get it. After all, misery loves company.

24 thoughts on “WARNING: He is contagious!

    1. No kidding. Thanks. He takes after….hmmmm…..I don’t know how he got so good looking.

      I’m happy to report, I recently scooped him up and put him to bed. No crying. Yeah!


      1. Mine told me “night, night” tonight, in response, no less. When his sister got in bed, he told her. Major breakthrough. They were toast…I think they were vertical asleep. 😉

        Cheers! Tonight the moon is on our side…and FABULOUS!


      2. That’s great. I love the breakthroughs.

        At 18mths, our little guy is just starting to pull himself up to his walker. He takes 2-3 very unbalanced steps and collapses. Who knows. Maybe in a few months he will be walking.

        I think there is always something amazing in our kids and something to look forward to.

        Here’s to a great evening! (beer in hand)


  1. I think this should be the last thing I look at tonight so I can go to bed with a smile on my face too! Yep…contagious!


  2. I am cranky today because I work for crazy people. I am ecstatic today because my baby brother came to visit this weekend, it was a surprise and I don’t see him very often (sometimes less than once every two years). I am cranky because the crazy people caused me to work through half the visit. I am still ecstatic cause I only need 4 hours of sleep despite my advanced age and so our visit lasted into the wee hours and started again early this morning.

    Then I saw this lovely child who can still grab his toes….I think if I could do that I would notch it up even more.

    Can you be cranky and ecstatic at once?


    1. Why yes you can. Crankstatic or Estanky? The first one sounds less smelly.

      See…..crazy people trying to ruin someone’s day. it always happens. Thank goodness for your brother visiting and if my son helps with his toe touching magic……all the better.

      I need double the sleep or I need a nap the next day.


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