Pimped out for $80.You should see what you get for $100!

I suppose these pics would be better if I had actually thought of taking BEFORE shots, but my brain didn’t register that idea at the time.  SO…..Imagine gramma-lavender walls with fake, vintage-cream tins, holding dried-girlie flowers and an awkward over-the-toilet shelf, with loads of annoying bathroom paraphernalia. NOW….new paint, crazy popping flower art, shelves….blah, blah, blah………..

  New bathroom 003New bathroom 005

Now….The comment about washing hands is mostly for the kids and the rest is really for all the MALE FOLK. Just making sure you have words to contemplate while pissing in my toilet. Please keep it in the bowl!

27 thoughts on “Pimped out for $80.You should see what you get for $100!

  1. Nice job – looks great!
    But I think it’s blatant discrimination and sexism that there are no bathroom warnings for women.
    No, I have no idea what they would be.
    But still…


        1. It’s a Man thing! you wouldn’t understand. Don’t you have laundry to do. Ha, Ha i Kid…. You know you are the WOMAN! Besides it can’t be a gang thing because you are in my gang. You just have not given us a gang name yet. So chop, chop! Hey you have not commented on my last post. Whats up with that!


      1. I couldn’t get around to it today. I was too busy in the kitchen, barefoot and pretending to be pregnant.

        I’m so excited to be in a gang. We really need a name and then we can talk colors and gang signs. So who all is in this gang? More info needed before a name can surface. You know us women. We take so long to make up our minds on such things anyway.

        Gotta go do laundry and then service my man.

        I’ll get to your blog. I have to bargain with my hubby to watch the baby so I can get to such important matters. I think tomorrow is the day. Be patient young jedi.


  2. Crafty.

    Perfect pics for pinterest too (I had a look for you over there but couldn’t find you yet?). One thing though: I’m pretty clear about ‘Peace’, ‘Love’, ‘Hope’, ‘Live’ and ‘Try’ but what exactly does the spice ‘Ream’ add flavour too?


    I know you like to be naughty at AofA but THAT naughty?

    P.S. Oh, I get it…’Dream’. Forget I said anything.


    1. Clearly I am way out of the loop. I don’t think I’m even near it. I have no idea what pinterest is. Well…..I just googled it and saw the front page on the web site. That’s as far as I got.


      1. Okay. I popped over and checked it out. Very cool for you to mention me. I went ahead and requested an invite. Let’s see if they fall for it and let me in…..then…..I’ll try and figure it out.


  3. You were made for pinterest. It’s for all you artistic ones. Did you paint the quotes on or are they sticker things?


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