Biggest Loser…..not quite

No….I’m not going to talk about weight loss now. Besides, one of the last three weighs less than me. Damn bitch!

Anyway…..I’m talking about losing Facebook weight.

I had 499 virtual Facebook friends. WTF! That’s a bit much for a small town girl like me. I decided to take people off that I have no connection with, other than….”Hey, I met you once or knew you for a short time and now….nothing.” I went from 499 virtual friend pounds to 413. Is this still a lot? Hell yes, but I’m rather fond of the folks that are left, at least for now.


***I’m sure some of you have noticed I was able to make my rounds last week and read quite a few blog posts. If I didn’t get to you, I will. Things just got busy around here again. Who knew? I have a life it seems. I will be back on a reading binge soon. Thanks for being patient and talking behind my back about what a bitch I am. I prefer that over talking to my face. Really, I do.


26 thoughts on “Biggest Loser…..not quite

  1. Hey, if you could just warn me when you’re going to come around so I could delete some comments, that would be great!
    Go you for paring your facebook list to the stuff you’re actually interested in, and it’s a pleaure to see you whenever you’re around!


  2. Isn’t El Guapo the greatest! He leaves a trail of good humor everywhere he goes all over the internet. Good for you for paring down some of the faces in your book of faces. I have a facebook account but I don’t know how to tell how many faces are looking at me at any given moment. I can’t decide if that’s good or bad. 🙂


    1. It’s creepy isn’t it. I always keep the “offline” option on so I can seem uninteresting and boring.
      El Guapo is certainly something ending in -est.


  3. I just love your unique perspective. STOP beating yourself up, my friend! You just do what you can and forget about the rest.

    Love your posts and comments, and miss you when you’re away, but life has to happen. Don’t let this be a burden. Okay, now I have to listen to my own words after having been away for two + weeks. hehehe


      1. You cannot. I have two FB accounts (one for my personal life and one professional) and a fan page. I built the fan page when FB told me they would not waive the 5,000 friend limit…I worked for them at the time. At its height, I had just over 8,000 friends on FB. But I was running three Causes at the time with a total membership of just over 76,000. A little better than 10% knew me well enough to know my email and send a FR.

        I have long since abandoned my professional account. If you want me to work for you, you best know someone who knows how to find me.

        Mayor, hell. I would burn this place to the ground.


      2. Remind me to always stay on your good side, or at least the side that isn’t as bad as the other.

        yeah….I don’t know how you could stomach that or keep up at all.


  4. Hey stop being so wicked
    all the time, yes YOU 🙂 lol
    Actually if you are thinking
    of dropping in for some, I
    mean a bit, I mean for the
    thrill of commenting then I
    will leave the gates open
    and let you decide on what
    wickedness you like, noooo
    I meant on the postings, not
    your preferences for… Ahhh
    so you were thinking of the
    postings and want to know
    what I meant? 🙂 Well I have
    forgotten now so hard lines
    my great friend 🙂

    BTW – ‘413’ is still far too many
    friends, soooooo drop it down
    to ’69’ and you will be having a
    lot of fun before you know it 🙂

    Okay I am out of here as you
    are getting too fruity as per…
    Usual 🙂 lol

    Androgoth XXx


    1. Blame it on me. It’s always my fault.

      Yes. I do need to get the friend list down even more. Too many that don’t really connect with me anyway.

      Stay out of trouble why don’t you. I will be around shortly. It always depends on the baby and how his days and nights go. When I can make my rounds and write, then the baby had a great day and night.


      1. Commenting and blogging is one thing but a mothers love for her baby are paramount and I know that you are a fine and sweet mother lorre 🙂

        Have a wonderful weekend my great friend 🙂

        Androgoth XXx


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