Friday Frenzy

Courtesy of Merriam-Webster


noun \ˈfren-zē\


Definition of FRENZY


a: a temporary madness b: a violent mental or emotional agitation


: intense usually wild and often disorderly compulsive or agitated activity <a shopping frenzy>

So…..Now it’s time for me to bitch, moan, groan….NO…’s not going to be that type of posting. Imaginary smack to face. Snap out of it! Sometimes a person just needs to vent, and we all know how I hold back so often on this blog. You wouldn’t want me to explode would you. Again….smack to face.

  1. Someone owes Cowboy  a bit of money. For months, they have spun so many stories about what happened to the money and why they can’t pay, they make the game of “telephone” seem predictable. Come to find out, this isn’t the first time this person has pulled this crap. Truly despicable. I hope they have sunblock for their afterlife. If not, I’m sure Hell has a gift shop. I had to block them off Facebook. I was tired of throwing up in my mouth after reading about them trading in their vehicle for a new one, buying a paddle boat and putting in a fish pond. AND…..They are so excited to get more renters this year, BUT….They can’t seem to make good on a debt. Perhaps I can drive the car, ride in the boat and fish in the pond that my Cowboy helped pay for. And renters: Make that first month’s rent check out to Cowboy please.
  2. My daughter made a meal for dinner the other night. Notice the extra spoon??!!?? God love her. She made the spoon her secret ingredient.April 26 2012 013
  3. WordPress is officially my pimp now. I found out people were seeing ads on my site. I guess I was too cheap to pay for the “no ad” add on. So….I sunk to a new low and allowed WordAds on my page. Doesn’t it make it look so pretty? Kind of like a blind person accessorizing your outfit. I’d apologize to the blind folk out there, but I guess you wouldn’t be reading my blog anyway…..AND…..If you are listening to this, then you must really like me and know how inappropriate I am…….SO…..It’s all good. I’m hoping to rub two nickels together by the end of this year.
  4. Thing 1, Thing 2 and Thing 3 are playing soccer this spring. NOW……I don’t have future Olympic soccer players on my hands, (I don’t think so), but they do a great job on the field and I’m very proud. What rubs me the wrong way a bit (while making me laugh), is the “travel team” rage that is upon us. It seems that a community’s Parks and Recreation program (any sport) just isn’t enough for kids (really the parents) these days. Parents are paying (up to) thousands a year to truck their child here and there and get special, more advanced training/coaching in their chosen sport. BUT…..These same kids, are also on the community’s team. I pay $75 per child for the Things to compete against other children, not Bionic Kids. Let’s put a deer in a 10×10 room and go hunting. Really? Where is the fun and true competition here? If my kids lose a game against “enhanced” kids, I will tell them to blame my bank account and inability to be a hundred places at once for 4 kids. If they win against “enhanced” kids, they can believe in raw, natural talent.

So……Now it’s time to explore the lessons learned.

  1. When someone shows you who they are, believe them. I heard that line on a soap opera the other day, but how true it is. In retrospect, this person showed glimpses at how petty and cruel they were. They were also, a little too anxious to be in our lives, and that should have been a red flag for me to. Seems we were just targets all along. I have learned that I don’t judge character as well as I thought and to never trust anyone with my money.
  2. Do not let her use the microwave to cook when metal utensils are included in the recipe.
  3. If someone is going to use you, then you might as well try to get something out of it as well.
  4. I’ve learned that if we really want our children to succeed in the future, then we need to create programs that truly matter.
  • Traveling Sex Team: Being great in bed can score you a financially secure partner, a pack of cigarettes (street folk) or that promotion.
  • Traveling Evade the Law Team: It goes without saying. “Run Johnny, run!”
  • Traveling Verbal Assault Team: “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” Most of us know that is a crock of crap. Words hurt….a lot! We might as well teach our children a skill like that to run over people in life and bully their way into success.
  • Traveling Cheater’s Team: Learn how not to get caught. Have your cake and eat it too.
  • Traveling Plastic Surgery Team: Let’s face it, good guys finish last and so does ugly.
  • Traveling Blowing Smoke Up Your Ass Team: This is only for children who want to be politicians.
  • Traveling Addiction Team: There are a lot of people out there who are attracted to the “bad” boy and “messed up” girl. People love to fix people. This special training will trump looks and intelligence any day of the week. Sign up now. Spaces are filling up fast.

16 thoughts on “Friday Frenzy

  1. 1. She’s not worth your time. Plus, Cowboy could totally take her out. Just get him to have her sign over the new car to you before he does it.
    2. Be glad it was a spoon and not a frog. That’s what happens when BOYS cook.
    3. If you have to have a pimp, WP isn’t a bad one. At least they won’t expect you to stand on a street corner in the rain!
    4. I know those parents. They sicken me too. Seriously, if you have to find validation for your life through the accomplishments of your children on a soccer (or baseball, track, football or gymnastics) field, you really should just stay in bed and drink all day. Sad, sad life.


    1. 1. I am finding more and more people that feel the same way (personal experience).
      2. Yuck.
      3. They did ask me if I’d consider a street corner, but I said…”Aren’t you internet based?” Perhaps a scam of some kind????!!!??
      4. Sounds like a great reason to become an alcoholic.


  2. “When someone shows you who the are believe them” … sounds like something someone would say about JR Ewing … nevertheless it’s true.

    I also like the extra spoon in the casserole 🙂 awesome.


  3. Perfect lessons learned! I wonder though if I know the same people you know, perhaps they have a traveling show we could band together and do a reality show, repo all their new stuff and sell it to those guys on the Pawn Shop show. It would be such fun.

    Did the metal add to the taste? Having lived in Asia, you don’t want to know what could be added to food.

    I once took a squirt gun to soccer games filled with vinegar. All over the top parents got squirted (they got on my nerves). Yes, my sons were humiliated and I was banned from the next five games. The coach was rather angry, he got angrier when I used big words (two syllables) to shout him down with. Oh well, I didn’t like sitting in the rain any damned way.


    1. A reality show to expose these people would be incredible.
      I didn’t really taste a difference, but I probably buy the wrong utensils.
      I would’ve loved to see your squirt gun attacks at the games. There are a few parents I can think of who need some schooling like that.


    1. That sounds delightful. Still no word on getting paid, but I hear she is trying to get a free trip (overseas) under the guise of being a chaperone for students this summer. It seems there are some questionable fundraisers going on in my kid’s school, where she doesn’t work and no students going on the trip attend. Hmmmmmm!


      1. Actually, it’s more likely she’s sleeping with the female art teacher who is supposedly the teacher leading the trip, but it’s really the shifty lady running the show.


  4. Let me know how those adds work out for you. I could use a couple of extra nickles myself. Otherwise, as far as you actual post goes, I could pick and choose through your thoughts and expressions and really spark up a conversation … some of your observations/truths really hit home … like the everybody wants to fix everybody concept … ain’t that the truth?


    1. Thanks for stopping by another post. I’m glad you could relate. It seems we all have these moments and people in our lives. For better or for worse…..


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