Trifecta Weekly Challenge: observe

For those who frequent my blog, you know I am not often serious or a story teller. So, here goes a hot mess of nothing. It won’t win any awards, but it was a fun attempt at something. The word is observe. The definition: to celebrate or solemnize (as a ceremony or festival) in a customary or accepted way.

Edward had enough of Bella and her stupid ways.  How dare she ask him to observe National Garlic Day tomorrow. Obviously, Edward and his family are immune to garlic, but her attempt at humor had failed. Was she hinting at their break up? Did she want harm to come to him? Was she just an insensitive bitch? Of course she was. That’s okay. Edward will get even by offering to observe National Smile Day with her in October. She seems to be immune to smiles. Then he will observe National Wear Red Day with her by letting the vampires take a bite out of her. Sometimes holidays suck.

Trifecta Weekly Challenge

It really is National Garlic Day tomorrow. Andro, I hope you can deal with that.

45 thoughts on “Trifecta Weekly Challenge: observe

  1. Pretty funny. You know how I am a political genius? It is true. I once had to lobby to make 1985 (or was it 1986?) the Oil Heat Centennial to celebrate the invention of the oil burner.

    Jobs suck when you’re young.


      1. It would definately be more true!!! I’m guessing people are too addicted to lol, even if we never actually do it. Every once in a while I catch myself laughing out loud and then what do I do?


  2. you really belong on a bookstore book shelf, or on an ebook in the mega dot-coms

    imagine the possibilities that flow from your fingertips…

    David in Maine USA


    1. Yeah, blood thirsty killers and moody teens…..HA…they do seem pretty dull to me as well.
      Thanks and I did, but with my name Lorre instead of name of blog. I wasn’t thinking.


  3. There can never be too much humor when vampires are involved. At least the sort of vampires that inhabit Twilight movies.
    Thanks for the laugh and thanks for joining in. We hope to see you for the weekend challenge.


  4. Love the flash. Have no idea about Twilight…books, movies or otherwise. I suck at flash. My attempt is evidenced in S is for Sunshine. You should do this more often. You are very good at it.


    1. Thanks for that huge compliment (I’d like to take it that way for ego sake). Twilight confuses me. My daughter loves it, but i think it’s because the boys in it are cute. I will check out your attempt.


  5. Well I am just trying to get over it, and as you
    have added the Garlic Word i will have to pop
    over and bite you in the…

    Now what rhymes with Glass? 🙂 lol
    Only kidding and by the way you did
    a great job on this posting Lorre 🙂

    Wicked in fact 😉

    Androgoth XXx


    1. Thank you yet again for your wicked/playful comments and your partially deserving compliments. BUT……I will take them all and never give them back.
      I hope all of your vampire friends were safe on Garlic Day.


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