More poetry recycled for your use…..


Too calm to touch the waters

Never wishing to distract

Waves roll on and on

No pebble sending tracks

Just watching and looking a view to never change

A scenery so common

Close your eyes

See the same

The lightning strikes

All the heavens

The skies begin to cry

Liquids pour and waters roar

Tranquility declines

A sigh is heard

The land……

It’s echo

Shakes from every edge

The Earth crumbled

And confetti green

Lay where it could

Roots of death

Foundation bled

Of all life’s hopes and dreams

Tomorrows turn to yesterdays

So unnaturally

If only a disturbance

A pebble to be thrown

The waters would be friendly

Since they wouldn’t be alone



Who has the right to condemn

For the sake of being

For the privilege to live

Who has the right to restrict

For all the freedoms

For all the nonconformists

Who has the power to judge

For all the many mistakes

For all equal regrets

Who calls themselves the law

For all the sins

For  all the change

Who has time or nerve to become God


6 thoughts on “More poetry recycled for your use…..

    1. So…funny story. This was inspired by WordPress f’ing up my copy and paste job and me not catching on since I am a bad checker of things. Ha, ha…..The two poems were totally mized up. You may not like them as much now that it isn’t one.


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