Nothing Better To Do This Month….

SO….I took a look at my blog calendar and realized I’ve only posted four times this month. What a slackass I am?

I would love to tell you that I’ve been:

  • going to amazing places
  • meeting with amazing people
  • engaging in amazing conversations
  • writing amazing “non-blog” material
  • participating in amazing experiences
  • been exposed to amazing creative talent

I can tell you these things are true if you like smoke blown up your ass. AND….If you are one of those rare people, who has such a fetish, please keep it to yourself. I just can’t get on board with that freakish behavior.

I have been to some amazing places this month.

  • YMCA:  I have been to the local YMCA to get my ass handed to me in Kickboxing and some 30 minute cardio class. A little warning…..If an exercise class is only 30 minutes long, than it will be the worst thing you’ve ever experienced. AND…The more bubbly the instructor, the more evil they are.
  • Washington D.C: I chaperoned (yes….stop choking on your laughter) a 5th grade field trip. I’m pretty sure they gave me the kids, who couldn’t get any worse, including Thing 1 and Thing 2. My son was stalked and hunted down by a squirrel during lunch in the Mall area and I had a bird shit on me. It was quite delightful.
  • Urgent Care: Thing 2 had strep, so Cowboy, The Cute One and myself, got checked out. The Cute One and I survived, yet another household sickness.

I met some amazing people this month.

  • No one: I’ve got nothing.

I engaged in amazing conversations.

  • Debate with my son: Thing 1 commented that I have never worked or done anything. I, in my maturity, begin to debate/discuss/tell my son about jobs I’ve had and things I’ve accomplished before becoming a stay-at-home-mom. At first, he didn’t believe me, then he said I was just bragging and thought I was perfect. How dare he say I thought I was perfect. I know I am.
  • Discussion with friend: It was said, that some people think breast-feeding solves everything. Well, I suggested everyone with problems sucks on some milk-filled boobs, so they can get their shit together.  If it’s that magical and powerful, why not.

I wrote amazing “non-blog” material.

  • Poem: It was not amazing, but I did write one for an E-Magazine someone started up.
  • List: I wrote a grocery list and amazingly, I left stuff off..

I participated in amazing experiences.

  • Not one to speak of.

I was exposed to amazing creative talent.

  • Myself: I slept with myself every night. That was amazing.

SO……There it is. I’ve done nothing much. I have been uninteresting and creatively lazy. I think I am pre-menopausal. Can that happen?

31 thoughts on “Nothing Better To Do This Month….

    1. Thanks. I am the worst gardener, or at least one of the worst. I plant stuff and then never touch it again. Kind of like raising kids. The good news is, a lot of my flowers are starting to bloom.


  1. So I just realized why I never comment on your blog, even though I read every single post. It’s because I read them on my phone, from my e-mail app. Today, I’m reading it from my computer. I just didn’t want you to think that I don’t read it, just because I don’t comment.


  2. Well…when a woman looks like you look, in this photo, you have permission from the lazy gods to do absolutely nothing at all but attempt kickboxing, and have stimulating conversation with your children & friend. The poetry and grocery list stuff sounds very tiring to me. I am however concerned slightly about the sleeping with yourself thing. Did you give yourself multiple orgasms?


  3. Yes very inspirational Lorre I think after reading this posting that I will be jumping into my Space Pod and jetting off to Mars for a bit and I don’t mean sex with Aliens either so stop being so naughty 🙂 By the way a bird crapping on you is supposed to be a sign of good luck, well it is if it hits you and not me 😉

    However the term ‘Shit for Luck’ is something that is often serenaded on such occasions, not Rock, nor Pop but actually with a hint of the Blues, anyway I am pleased that you have enjoyed your break from blogging as the reality of life is something to take great pleasure in whether it spent finger painting, gardening, getting shit on in the wilderness, naked skateboarding or just going on field trips while contemplating more of the kickboxing 🙂

    Have a wondrously fine rest of evening
    and be good too, if you can I mean? 🙂 🙄

    Just two days to go now 😉

    Androgoth XXx


      1. Are there any other kind? 😉 lol
        It is very nice to see you back
        here and offering your wicked
        postings, it is always a pleasure
        to call by your Space Lorre 🙂

        Androgoth XXx


      2. Yes no running off or else? 🙂
        And age is just a number Lorre
        so enjoy your Birthday and be
        just as creative as always 🙂 😉

        Androgoth XXx


          1. Absolutely and remember you have many years on me so in reality you are just a teenager, opposed to this Peter Pan ageing Vamp 🙂 lol

            Androgoth XXx


  4. Been wondering what happened to you. Missed my (nearly) daily laugh and aha of recognition. So get back to posting (nearly) daily!


  5. If you had a “love” button for this one I would press it twice. I sometimes (not often) feel some self-imposed guilt for not being prolific, oh well. I will write when I have something to say. Hopefully someone will read it and think it is worth reading. I always think what you have to say is worth it, whether once a day, once a week (four times a month). So do whatever floats your boat and works for yours schedule, we will be here waiting for you.


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