Hear the bullhorn? There’s a hypocrite coming your way.

Let’s get started on today’s lesson students. Pencils down and eyes up front.

Definition of HYPOCRITE

1: a person who puts on a false appearance of virtue or religion

2: a person who acts in contradiction to his or her stated beliefs or feelings



After talking with others and pulling from my own experiences, it seems clear that hypocrites are actually quite easy to spot if you put your mind forward and tell your naïve heart to take a nap.

Where do they hide? The answer is they don’t. Hypocrites love being seen and heard. They are usually the most vocal and most social out of any human species. Not unlike children dressing up for Halloween, hypocrites use many tools to mask who they are. It’s a survival mechanism if you will, and a way to convince others, and perhaps themselves, that they are better than they are.

The most popular hangouts for hypocrites are church and political arenas. Be on high alert when entering either realm. BUT…..they don’t simply congregate in those places. You will find them in places that promote a high level of human interaction. They do not shy away from the public eye, which is no longer limited to television, due to the popularity of social media. This has become the latest and greatest stomping ground of the hypocrite. They are also people collectors. Now, this doesn’t mean they have a lot of close friends or companions. It just means, they have a wider audience to spin their web with. The more fish in the barrel, the more likely you’re going to catch something.

Besides the church and political system, keep an eye and ear out in these areas: school system, sales, healthcare, beauty salons, public do-gooders, social media sites (especially dating), bars, and families (spouses and outspoken relatives), with reunions being a hotspot for hypocrisy.

Idioms that come to mind:

  • “protest too much”
  • “Actions speak louder than words.”
  • “Do as I say, not as I do.”

Hypocrites preach loudly and often about what is deemed acceptable behavior. They “protest too much”, which is a tool to mask their true nature. Always know that anyone can throw words at you, but “actions speak louder” and are the true indicator of the person. These things go hand in hand. Examples:

  • Cheaters usually voice their opinions the most about loyalty. They are also the most jealous in a relationship. They are more passionate about it than most, yet are usually the ones secretly cheating. 
  • Individuals who strongly portray themselves as true/great Christians, are usually the first ones to cast judgment and to treat people in a way that God would frown upon.
  • Politicians want your vote based on their honesty and family values. After, they go home to their secret significant other and even love children. Oh yeah. They pay for this hidden secret by skimming the “money” pot.
  • Money grubbers hate being screwed over financially and bitch often that someone owes them money and how dare they: go out to dinner, buy an appliance or get their hair done, when that money is owed to them. Yet, these same people value money so much, they have no problem holding on to yours instead of doing the right thing.
  • Fakers, who put on their dating site that they are athletic and enjoy outdoor activities, but what they really mean is: they run from the law. Literally, they run on foot and are outdoors. Perhaps that’s just an omission though??!!??
  • Sad socials, who send Christmas letters or Facebook updates on how blessed their life is and rub news of crazy vacations and having lots of money in people’s faces, but really, their life is pretty dysfunctional and they’re miserable. Complete omissions in this case would be preferable. You want to garnish sympathy if it becomes public, not pity because you are, indeed, “pathetic”.

If only a hypocrite would be honest and admit they don’t “do as they say”, then they wouldn’t be a hypocrite at all. They’d just be an honest asshole.

38 thoughts on “Hear the bullhorn? There’s a hypocrite coming your way.

  1. Sad to say, but very true. Hypocrites are everywhere, and you often find them in the places that ‘make them look good’, including the ones you cited and more. In essence, I suppose most have hypocracy somewhere in their lives, but those who have no idea are the ones to watch out for. I am a Christian and I seek to do what’s right, but I am no where near perfect. I struggle just like everyone else. I actually like this very much, in part because it says it well and in part because you were brutally honest. 🙂 Angie


  2. Reblogged this on doyoumeanwhatiknow and commented:
    I had to reblog this because it is right on the money. This is my first ‘reblog’. This is how people feel about those who are hypocrits (ie dishonest with self and others). Whether you fit in the ‘go to church’ category or the political category or one of many others, hypocricy does not draw people to you. It does not draw them to the cause you espouse. It makes them dislike you and the cause you espouse. So, if this cause is Christ, for example, the person may never see through the hypocricy to the truth of Christ. May it never be! Since we all have blind areas in our lives, I suppose we can all take the name hypocrite in one area or another, but this is people who do more than that. Their entire existence is in covering up that they are “white-washed graves” with nothing real inside. If you know someone like this, pray for them. The life they live must be horrible no matter how they try to control that public image. Thanks for the post, and for provoking thought in others loralee 🙂


  3. BTW – I reblogged this. I hope that’s ok? You didn’t have any disclaimers that I could see. You are my first reblog ever, so I will go look and see what that really means. Thanks for the thought provoking comments. Angie


  4. Brava! Seems like you struck a nerve with all the rebloggers! I have to endure quite a few of these. The absolute worst. I vote for a firing squad.


  5. Lorre, right on! There is so much hypocrisy–from our leaders, politicians and so-called ‘spiritual leaders’ –it is little wonder there is so much wrong –and so much anger in our society. The secret is to expose them for what they ARE. Shine the spotlight on them. I G+d it for you. You are SO right on. “:)


    1. I guess this really struck a chord with people. Thanks so much. Exposure is the key. I wish people would admit who they are. I might not like them, but I’ll at least respect the honesty.


  6. yo Lorre, ya mean a guy who bashes gays and then gets caught in a men’s room doin’ the nasty with another dude is a hypocrite? i thought they were just evangelical preachers. nice work kid. continue…


  7. I’m a little surprised that you called me out like this on your blog, but I have to accept it for what I am. Thanks for being brutally honest with me.
    Oh so super-sincerely and non-hypocritically,


  8. LMBO You are soooo funnny, can we just cut and paste your pages on our profiles everywhere so people will know where we really stand? LOL Now that I’m not laughing so much, here’s the thing. I agree with bestbathroombooks to some extent because judging others as anything at all just because they exhibit one trait or another (provided they have NOT actively done us or anyone wrong via malicious or deceitful behaviour) is kind of hypocritical isn’t it… but who am I to question your throne, L, you wear it so well, lol, next thing you’ll be wearing a Tiara as you spout your thought inspiring and always entertaining posts 🙂 🙂 🙂


    1. I always say I’m a christian in progress, that way I can call people out on their shit and not be considered a hypocrite.

      Really though, I think it’s wrong to judge someone on physical attributes or personal taste (clothing, hair), but I’m really talking about a person’s character.


      1. Yes, I know, L. Love the way your brain rolls out and just as long as you say I’m a Christian, too, I think we’re both good to go. All that forgiveness on Sundays to look forward to so we can just do it all over again. At a concert one of my cousins was performing and said “this was written for guilty Catholics” pause “which is all of them” and the band then broke into song. You’d have loved it, so us.


  9. That’s pretty right on. I always worry that I’m going stumble into hypocrisy. I work extra hard to not portray something that I’m not. I’m far from perfect, and never want anyone to feel that I think I am.


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