“O’ where o’ where has my little blog gone?”

It’s gone nowhere people. It’s still here, but Lorre (that’s me….duh!) has been on a vacation of sorts. There’s been no real traveling, outside of a 30 mile radius, but I have been on the go mentally, physically and of course, my mouth is always running.

How I’ve been spending my time:

  • I’ve spent more time with the kids, which has annoyed the crap out of them in many ways. You see, more time, means more checking of the homework. More checking of the homework, means more redoing of the homework.

 Per the request of my daughter: The kids will be referred to as Thing 1 (older son), Thing 2 (step-son, 2nd oldest), Thing 3 (diva daughter) and The Cute One (baby boy). My hubby is Cowboy.

  • I’ve kept the “Things” active. More chores. More chores. Also, more trips to the YMCA. I don’t accept the new norm in America about children’s weight.
  • I’ve worked with “The Cute One” on his therapy and trying to get him to say “momma” if it kills me.
  • There’s been some waxing going on and I don’t mean the vehicles. Ouch! Pain is not my friend.
  • I’ve been disgusted with American Idol and decided to not waste my time watching it. That has actually saved time.
  • Furniture has moved from room to room because that’s what I do from time to time. I do it a lot.
  • I’ve been working out, but I still don’t know how much I’ve lost. I haven’t weighed myself since January 22nd. The good news is: I can wear the jeans I wore in January and they are loose with no “muffin top”. The better news is: I can now wear a size smaller with a “muffin top”, but who cares. I can get them over my thighs and zip those pants.
  • I’ve tried to write things totally unrelated to this blog. Yes. I’ve cheated on you. Sorry!
  • Change of weather changes my mood, which makes me want to change more things in the house. I’m getting ready to spend some time painting.

So….I’m sorry that I’ve stepped away, but I guess it will happen from time to time. I will post when I post. I may go an hour or a week, but I’ll get here eventually and I will also get to your blog.

24 thoughts on ““O’ where o’ where has my little blog gone?”

  1. Any old time, Lorre, any old time will be fine. My son moves furniture around whenever he is stressed. Usually the night before his exams. I’m considering putting cheat sheets under the bed so the time can be used more wisely …


    1. That’s a good idea.

      You know….I never really thought about it, but I guess I’m bored and stressed about something when I move everything around too.

      I knew you would be understanding. You aren’t as bad as everyone says. Oh…no one says that.


  2. Always good to read your musings. I gave up on American Idol when it became clear that their job was to produce people like Clay Aiken.


  3. You are missed chickie, but it’s great you are doing what you need to do. All sounds good, and you must be having a bit of spring fever feeling the need to move stuff, rearrange, etc. Works for me! I LOVE rearranging things. Thanks for checking in and we will see you when we see you! Margie


  4. You have been spending your time much more productively than me.
    And I’m sure the things secretly appreciate the extra time your spending with them
    Well, maybe not. But keep telling them do!


    1. It’s hit or miss with the Things in this house, but I’d rather them remember me being around too much and asking too many questions, than not being around or caring. Oh my, did I just have a serious comment moment????


  5. All of those are necessary tasks. The kids will thank you for it later. They always do. I gave up watching American Idol a good while ago. The weather will hopefully lighten up everyone’s mood. It gets a little tight being cooped up most of winter.


    1. It does. I didn’t realize how sick of the season I was, until the weather started changing. Once I get adjusted to the new time change, I’ll be good to go.

      I tell the kids they’ll thank me later, but they don’t believe me.


  6. Americans are good for rewarding mediocrity and promoting incompetence. Good thing you chose to upgrade the company of your brain cells by choosing furniture.

    Things will appreciate it when they have their own things. If you never believed in Karma, there is a terrific example.


  7. Congratulations on the unknown weight loss. It’s always encouraging when one can get into smaller clothes. I’ve got a pair of jeans that I can fasten, but they’re still a tad snug. Another week or so, and I’ll be wearing them.


  8. When and as we can is the only unspoken rule I am aware of in the blogosphere. Glad to see you anytime, woman! Nice to know what you were up to as well, Kudos on your achievements 🙂 xo


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