Hair to the rescue.

The economy sucks and stay at home moms are feeling even more pressure to save money and earn money if possible. The good news is, the solution has been right under our noses this whole time. Not only has it been under our noses, but it’s been under our armpits and panties the entire time. That’s right. Let’s go natural and stop shaving to improve our way of living.

Think of the savings just by not shaving. You can save money on:

  • shaving cream
  • razors
  • waxing
  • electricity (He won’t want the lights on much longer.)
  • going out (Bagging Big Foot may be a twisted fantasy in the bedroom, but he’s going to be keeping you indoors sweetheart.)



Think of other possibilities and further savings involved. Such as:

  • baby carrier (Pubic hair comes through a special “snatch patch” opening sewn into dresses.)
  • multi-purpose carrier (water bottles, groceries, coolers….Just make sure to use horse shampoo to strengthen and lengthen.)
  • dog leash
  • restraints/whips (Business or Pleasure)
  • bikini (This can be wrapped several ways for diversity.)

There are opportunities to start your own business. Check into:

  • towing business (Get some natural girls like you together to pull that car out of a ditch. NO expensive equipment or truck is needed.)
  • fetish business (Set up a website for all those freaks, who love their women hairy.)
  • dog walking business

Don’t think you can’t make a statement or show your beauty. Try:

  • forming dreadlocks
  • adding bows/ribbons
  • braiding
  • extensions (This could also add to your income earning potential.)
  • color it
  • perm it

Come on ladies. Start growing your hair out and create a new glorious life for yourself and your families. You won’t regret it until you realize, he’ll dump your ass if you don’t start shaving and then…..think positive thoughts ladies:


(another money-making venture if you play your cards right)

22 thoughts on “Hair to the rescue.

  1. Hey without seeming too naughty there are areas of one’s body that needs to be shaved off but only out of preferences, and no I am not adding the list so hard lines 😉 lol Mind you I can definitely see the benefits on the energy saving, so Pros and Cons there me thinks? 🙂 lol

    A question though…

    Who in their right mind loves a hairy woman? Apart from the odd Neanderthal of course but as they go around the Cave beating their women with Crude Sticks or a ghoulishly fashioned wooden Club while gruntingly (Okay so Gruntingly isn’t really a word, but it should be) pulling their hair and shouting UG we will omit them from the study in one quick and easy use of the eraser…

    However the use of restraints have come along in leaps and bounds over the centuries (No Pun Intended 🙂 ) and can be a very interesting slant on a night of wanton debauchery, indeed why stop at just the one night? 🙂 lol

    Right that is all I am saying on this one so have a very nice rest of evening and thank you for offering such a thought provoking posting Lorre 🙂 Have fun now…

    Androgoth XXx


    1. It think there is a market for the hairy women. Look around. There are still a lot of Neanderthals out in the world.

      Sometimes, those fancy, cool restraints aren’t handy. The hairy lady can serve two purposes in the heat of the moment. I guess you could even use some of the hair to gag her. Oh….so many possibilities.

      Have a great evening.


      1. I don’t like Neanderthal ladies though Lorre
        however long hair does have its positives 🙂

        I wonder what the Neanderthal ladies would
        drag their significant other around by? Hey 🙂

        Have a lovely rest of
        evening and be good 🙂

        Androgoth XXx


  2. For the record, put me down as one of those guys who like women who keep it real down under. I am in good company:
    James Bond – International Super Spy: “As long as the collarsh and cuffsh match…”
    George W. Bush – Fake President (2000-2008): “Heh, heh, my last name’s Bush.”
    Merkin Muffley – Real President (1960-1964): “I’m Merkin Muffley and I approve this message.”


  3. Bagging Bigfoot! I don’t know if I’m shocked or aroused. And as far as turning into Feral Cheryl, you may not be aware of it, but there’s already a community waiting for you: Berkeley, California.


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