Sentiment via social media. The new greeting card?

On this day, 43 years ago, God decided to bless a woman and a man with a beautiful son. The angels watched over him since then, making sure that he could celebrate this special day and enjoy all the blessings in life. Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband.

FUCK! I thought this was Facebook. Sorry guys. I must have logged on to the wrong account. BUT……Really? Like I’d send my husband a message on Facebook or a message about him. I think if that happens, then we should get a divorce. We live together. I’m not looking to FB, Tweet or text him when we are under the same roof. My relationship is private. We aren’t a show and quite frankly, we’re not that exciting. AND……The interesting stuff is for our eyes and ears only. Certainly, I only tell people the bullshit I want to tell them. No one knows the inner working of our relationship. Hell, I don’t even know the inner workings!

So what about the greeting card industry? I’m not a fan of celebrating and sending a card for every frickin’ holiday and occasion known to and invented by man………..BUT…………I do like to select an appropriate card for someone when the mood strikes. Once I scribble inside, it’s personal and let’s face it, sometimes you just want something you can hold in your hands. Get your minds out of the gutter people. Oh! It wasn’t? Sorry. I guess it is now.

SO…….Let’s try this again, in a style befitting of this blog and not resembling what you will never hear me say to my hubby. Cuz, that’s private bitches.

Good thing you were born, so we could be together today. Of course, what if you blew my chances of being with someone better. Let’s just say you were born to save me from being with someone worse. That sounds good. AND…….Thanks for seeing another birthday, sticking around and shit, otherwise, I would have a major drinking problem from raising these kids alone.

Happy Birthday!

36 thoughts on “Sentiment via social media. The new greeting card?

  1. Hahahaha! Loved this! I agree that there are times people post way TMI on facebook – stuff I really do not want to know. Really enjoy your totally off-the-wall sense of humor! ~ Julie 🙂


  2. Yeah seeing people gush over their significant Others on FB and Twitter makes me want to throw up in my mouth. I’m just glad FB doesn’t allow people to post their birthday sex video online. God knows we’re tourchered enough.


  3. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with posting something on a birthday or anniversary that says, you know, “Happy Birthday” or “Happy Anniversary” and “I love you,” but anything more than that is more than I want or need to see and needs to go away.

    Of course, you’re such a sap that I’m sure you are forever posting “I love you” on your husband’s page….


    1. Ha! We don’t post on each other’s pages. It feels like those people who text each other when they are in the same room, or worse…at the same table.

      Yes. Too much TMI needs to go bye bye, but it happens a lot and mostly with friends it seems.


  4. If it wasn’t you posting all that sappy stuff on your husband’s page, who do you think it was???

    JUST KIDDING. But you know, you gave me an opening …

    I don’t understand Facebook — twitter at least is funny. And Linked In? Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    OK, so I’m old


    1. No. You’re just smart. FB is good for me just to see pics of people and simple stuff….BUT….the TMI on people’s wall pages and coversations that are better suited for a phone call, make no sense to me. I can only imagine….THEY want attention.


  5. Right? I actually heard of a couple who met each other on the internet and were married for like a year before they met each other in person. Who does that? How does that work?

    You can make your own greeting cards and then they don’t seem so stupid…


    I cut this picture out of a magazine just for you while I was sitting on the toilet. It was one of your magazines, so I knew you’d just love her. Please don’t ask how I got her to stick to the card, okay? Um, about that… while I was busy working on that I kind of forgot why I was giving you a card, so happy whyever that was! Fuck it. One of us is happy.

    ♥ Me


  6. The best thing about FB is all the blog material there is to be gleaned from the memes and their incessant spilling of everything from baby farts to cum spots…wait, maybe that is the other way ’round.


      1. Too funny. Whenever I see a pretty girl, I think to myself “There’s nothing I can do with her that Iis worth risking what I have with my wife.”
        Then I’m free to gawk in mental peace.


  7. I hate them so much for all the sappy shit we have to read that I’m thinking of closing mine. And I hate e-cards. And I know I’m not supposed to hate. But Happy Birthday and Oh Happy Day for posting my thoughts out loud, woman 🙂 🙂 🙂 I figure if you have to say “hi sweetie I love you” on Facebook, there is a missing link somewhere, LOL LOL


  8. I think that you have grabbed hold of your reader base excellently with your tongue-in-cheek humour Lorre, and as my mind is never in the gutter I instantly knew what you were meaning, and what was it again? Ahhh yes that…

    Have a very nice and wicked,
    even naughty rest of evening Lorre 🙂 😉

    Androgoth XXx


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