I got nothing, except a bunch of excuses.

Before full-blown Alzheimer’s sets in, I need to acknowledge awards presented to me by some fine bloggers. I’m ashamed to say, some were given at the turn of the century and I have yet to show my appreciation. I kind of feel like Sissy Spacek in the 1976 movie Carrie. All of a sudden these awards are bestowed on me and I’m expecting pigs blood to invade my screen. Seriously, is this a joke? Unlike Carrie, I don’t expect any casualties. Although, I believe she was  horribly misunderstood, not unlike the Incredible Hulk. Why did he become some quasi superhero and not her? Sexism, that’s why. Anyway……………………………

Awards and Presenters:

7 x 7 Link Award:  christyb at Poetic Parfait

Kreativ Blogger Award: Taking Candy From A Baby

Versatile Blogger Award:  Anne at Anne Schilde

Genuine Blogger Award:  Amira at MindBlur

Hug Award: Arindam of Being Arindam

ABC Award:  Sunshine of Simply Charming

Glitter E. Yaynus Award:  Red of Momma’s Money Matters


SO…..Let’s see how I’m doing so far on accepting these amazing awards.

 Acknowledge bloggers who have given you an award. (CHECK)

Post badge on your site  (SORT OF DONE)

 Explain rules/requirements of each award. (                 )

 Comply with rules.    (                )

Present award to other bloggers. (                 )

Make excuses for why this has taken so long and why you still aren’t done yet. (DOING NOW)


1. I’ve tried to solve the world peace problem.

2. I’ve had a lot of sex.

3. I’ve been busy making mittens for kittens, who are homeless. That’s a lot of mittens.

4. My priorities are really fucked up.

5. I’m a selfish bitch who loves to get, but not give.

6. I’m lazy.

7. I’m crazy.

8. I’m moonlighting as a hooker and I sleep all day.

9. I’ve been busy counting the pennies I made hooking because I’m too greedy to give a cut to Coinstar.

10. It’s an excuse to write some extra posts because I’ve got some more award shit to check off my list.

26 thoughts on “I got nothing, except a bunch of excuses.

    1. You’re so sophisticated. I’ll have to raise my beer.

      Now that I have a bit of this out of my system, a crazy photo challenge post out of the way and Wordless Wednesday approaching……..I can really do some blog reading!


      1. I’m going to start first thing in the morning.

        I have to check my comments and emails until the kids hit the hay and then I have to watch The Biggest Loser while eating my chips and drinking my beer. Is that just wrong, or what?!?

        Read ya tomorrow!


  1. I think that you have added a nice selection
    of excuses here but I bet the list was much
    longer than this, actually I have been given
    some nominations but as I never take part
    in these awards I don’t need tp display the
    finer points of declining, so how about that
    for getting away with it my great friend 🙂 🙂
    Of course I always appreciate the thoughts
    of these nominations but there is only so
    many awards that one can amass without
    reaching for the delete option, I was going
    to say the sick bag there 🙂 lol Anyway as
    I have already said, you have achieved in
    adding your delayed responses to these
    awards and sooo well done to you Lorre 🙂
    And as they always say on GHI…

    On to the Next 🙂

    Androgoth XXx


    1. Awards are great thoughts, but they do (not all, but most) require work, which is time consuming. I’m going to have to start pasisng on these myself. I have a hard enough time keeping up with a post of some kind.


  2. Just so you know, your blog posts are a total red flag at work. I get my virtual hand slapped almost every time I try to click into one of them to comment, so that’s why I haven’t been commenting more. I thought I take some time after work to fix that.


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