The Bar

For hours you tried to get me

Wanted alive or dead

Anything to have me

Lying in your bed

Instead of being patient

Or even being kind

You pulled out your wallet

To bargain for my time

Finally you found your table

And you left me alone

I could still feel your stare

I prayed you’d go home

I ordered a few drinks

Then turned to where you were

Fascinated by your style

Why, I wasn’t sure

As the liquor flowed through me

Drowning my brain

The thought of having sex with you

Wasn’t that insane

Maybe it was the smoke-filled room

That made you look so good

Or maybe I took some poison

Hidden in my food

Now I’m ready to be with you

As sad as it is to take

The alcohol speaks for me

Don’t let me be sober when I awake

20 thoughts on “The Bar

  1. Horrible how we fail to contain our true selves when lost to bottles and social pressure. I suspect we have all been there at least once in our lifetime. It is what we do with the experience afterwards that matters.


  2. I agree it’s dark, and sad. I like Christy’s statement about allowing outside things to change our perspective. Whether it’s alcohol or other things, it happens to all in one way or another. I’ve never been in this position, but I certainly can apply it to others. Angie


  3. Yes I would imagine that there have been some right horrors along the way, nooooooooooo not just for you, I mean for everyone that happens along and reads this brilliant posting, indeed this reminds me of one of my friends of yesteryear, probably around the year 1654 or thereabouts, anyway as I was saying, this friend of mine whom we will call ‘Dumbo’ for want of a better characterisation was one of those guys that loved to drink, and whenever he did so, which was always at the weekend he would relentlessly land himself with the Bride of Frankenstein but you know he always thought that she was the woman of his dreams, the delights of his wanting and the deliciousness of his inner being…

    Unfortunately they were all Barking at the Moon of an evening but hey he loved them all 🙂 lol Right where is my glass of milk, I mean there is noooooooo way I wish to go down that ridiculously ghoulish route Lorre 🙂 lol

    Have a wicked rest of evening now and
    enjoy your weekend to the maximum 🙂 😉

    Androgoth XXx


    1. He really needs to go into an establishment (sober), pick out a few girls he would not sleep with, begin to drink and if these ladies get prettier as the night goes on, then he should stop OR….keep drinking until they look like beauty queens. He’ll be too drunk to get it up OR…he’ll still be too drunk afterwards to notice or even care.


      1. No I very much doubt that he could stand after all that drinking… Oh I see what you mean, getting up, as in getting ‘it’ up… 😉 how wickedly naughty of you Lorre 🙂 😉 lol

        Be good now, okay the…
        Try to be good then? 🙂 lol

        Androgoth XXx


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