For the saps………….

I have the book 1001 Ways To Be ROMANTIC, which I was tempted to give to Goodwill (because everyone needs loving), but it’s great material. The author, Gregory J.P. Godek labels himself, America’s Romance Coach. I’ve never heard of him so I’m not sure how long he’s been coaching us, here in America. Do we have an American Olympic Romance Team? The book was published in 1995, but I don’t remember being on his team. Perhaps that’s why my first incarceration, I mean marriage, failed. If only I had Coach Godek on my side, perhaps my ex-cellmate wouldn’t have parked his car in so many garages and brought home unknown oil stains and grease. Perhaps if I had followed the suggestions, all 1001 of them, offered in “the book”, then things would’ve been different. NOW……Let’s get serious. No amount of romance is going to unwedge private parts or stir up feelings someone never had before. Romance is just the topping on the cake people. And yes, it can mean that kind of cake if you like…….disgusting gutter minded pigs!

It’s great, because the beginning of the book talks about the 2 kinds of romance being obligatory and optional. Wow! Give me some of that obligatory romance because it sounds awesome. Today is a day for that type of romance. Nothing says love more than someone telling you: “you have to”. I’m pretty sure I saw that in an episode of Criminal Minds.

In case anyone needs guidance, let’s explore some of Coach’s ideas and thoughts:

  • “Tune-in” to romantic opportunities: He says they are everywhere. We should look on the t.v., radio, in newspapers and magazines. We should even look in shop windows. I don’t know about you, but I’m getting porn out of that.
  • Overdo something: He suggests that if your “love” loves something, you should go overboard (ex: loves m&m’s… 50 lbs). My hubby says he loves having alone time. I think I should go out for ice cream and never come back.
  • Give your partner choices. He suggests: fast or slow, now or later, large or small, modern or antique, public or private. Wow. What a pervy guy. So….I’m interpreting erect or not-erect, with me or not with me and young twenty year-old or nursing home candidate. HMMMMM?
  • He says romance is a balance between: actions speaking louder than words and it’s the thought that counts. WTF! Is Confucius here with some fucked up fortune cookie?
  • His thoughts on flowers: give one for every day you’ll be away if traveling, get to know your florist, put one in her purse or his briefcase, put one under the windshield wiper……Well, after you get to know your florist, I’ll assume you are traveling with her and when you get home, I’ll stick a thorny rose up your ass. That will be memorable.
  • His specific Valentine’s Day ideas: take this day off from work, send 20 cards to your love, greet him at the door wearing only a red ribbon, buy children’s valentines and fill the sink with them or tape them all over her car. Okay, so I’m love-sick? I’m sure the boss will understand. Can we say stalker? Why the woman and the ribbon? Men clearly have the hanger for proper bow placement. With the money it would cost for that many kid’s valentine’s, I’d rather buy a bunch of tequila, a few bags of sand,  put on a horribly fitting bikini and play drunken “spring break” sex with my hubby. You better not put that shit all over my car. I’m not spending a day cursing you while I attempt to get the tape off.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

28 thoughts on “For the saps………….

  1. Your power of interpreting the English language knows no bounds. And you have such fabulous material. Is that the book with the appendix which admits his survey pool was aged 12-16? Or is the edition with a little over half a chapter devoted to the clitoris? I forget which year he published which.


    1. LMAO. Apparently, he gave love advice many years ago on Oprah and led many romantic seminars. How unreal is that? It just proves that anyone can write a book, but some real dumbshits get published.


  2. Hey and a Happy Valentine’s Day and Evening to you too Lorre 🙂 😉 I do hope that you have a naughty and wicked plan, something ghoulishly enchanting with a splash of the wicked 🙂 Well that is what I would have done anyway 😉 Have a funtastic rest of day and evening now and don’t get too tied up okay? 🙂 lol

    Androgoth XXx


    1. That last line seems to indicate you know something you shouldn’t. Just don’t tell. I’m a mom afterall. We don’t do such things.

      Have a great eve and I implore you to do something I’m not at liberty to do anymore with a house full of children, who might walk in on something unforgettable and mentally damaging.


      1. You could always try to be quiet, or maybe use a gag of some kind… Hey I meant a joke in case the being quiet didn’t work, you know ha-ha-ha type of gag not what you thought of anyway? 🙂 lol

        Have a lovely rest of evening
        and be as good as you can 🙂 😉

        Androgoth XXx


  3. I am going to the 50% off store today and finding this book! My husband is getting it as delayed Valentines day gift. I am certain there are more gems to be taken.

    No really there are many more, right?

    One must wonder how many divorces resulted from this Romance Guide for Neanderthals.


    1. There are a ton of ideas. I will admit, he has a few decent no brainer ideas that any elementary school student can handle to win the affections of a classmate. BUT……There are so many loser ideas. Seriously, anyone could have written this crap.

      Since this is the month of “love”, I’ll have to break out some more of his stuff.


  4. VISUAL: Me sprawled on the couch reading this on my iPhone in a dark lounge room with my family watching the idiot box as it rains and I laugh. Repeatedly. Thanks for being the best thing on television!


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