More flipping boxes of crap from my other blog.

Not now…

Alone in the dark

Twisting and turning away

I hear him stay

I try to be still

My breathing gives me up

Enough’s enough

Tired and teared

To the point of new skin

I’ll never win

I’m lesser, but wise

So I know

Where this will go

Bruised in my heart

Scarred in my mind

Outside…nothing to find

Too weak to win

Too strong to lose

But who gets to choose

I pick peace

He wants the prize

Hollow glory with empty eyes

Mr. and Mrs. Mistake

Two tickets to forever

We bought them on sale

You paid with credit and I with cash

You gave me the window

You weren’t that attached

You fell asleep

I stayed awake

That was the first sign

My mistake

Then it began

The turbulence hit

You reacted and I closed my eyes

You headed down the aisle

Screaming to stay alive

After moments it stopped

But you relived every shake

It just didn’t hit me

Another mistake

We reached our destination

After layover twelve

You were uneasy and I went insane

I unpacked my bag once again

You put more on the train

Your total now…ten

This stop was no break

You bought another ticket

Life mistake

18 thoughts on “More flipping boxes of crap from my other blog.

  1. Hindsight is always 20/20. Glad to see you are past this. Beautiful and poignant execution in the face of such powerful emotional turmoil.

    And save some of them for the days when you absolutely are beyond the point of creativity. (Secret #426 from M3.)


    1. I’ve got plenty to spare, but you’re right. I have some creativity, but time is my problem. Everyone in this house, one by one, has been getting sick this past week. It’s been a one woman show around here and it sucks because I’m probably next.


  2. I really like the poem Mr & Mrs Mistake. The relationship journey can become like a plan ride in turbulent skies. Looking back you see mistakes but at the time it’s so much easier to turn a blind eye. I like!


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