Three Stones Cast

Three stones cast on a crimson heart

Mending and ailing it’s shredding apart

One’s for freedom….one’s for constrains

One’s for the fool who knows they’re the same


25 thoughts on “Three Stones Cast

  1. I like your poems Lorre, hey I will be calling back
    to read more, of course it will be later today but I
    will certainly be here to browse what you have 🙂

    And it is definitely not ‘Crap’ as you call it…

    Androgoth XXx


    1. Well…I guess if it was, I wouldn’t post it. I will say…I’m missing my more humorous postings, but poems are quick when I’m taking care of the sickos in my house. Sickness health wise, not mental. Well, maybe a little mental. I’m also trying to catch up on my blog reading. Sadly…I feel I’m getting the virus that’s running like brush fire in my house.

      Have a great evening. I promise the virus is not contagious through reading.


      1. That is good to hear, and I hope that the sickos get well soon as all those sneezy offerings add to the possibilities of you being struck down by the dreaded bug…

        Perhaps some of my Zombie nurses could help, and maybe there will be a dishy doc thrown into the mix just for you should you pick up on those nasties I mean… of course his Vampy treatments may seem a little bizarre, but if it cures the virus then all is wicked and wonderful 🙂

        I will be back later…

        Androgoth XXx


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