Trust me, trust me

It will be okay

Follow me here

Listen to all I say

Believe my words

Does my smile convince

Let me spin you a tale

You can’t resist

I’m such a great soul

Let me sell you a line

Still so smitten

While I rob you blind

You’ll figure me out

When it’s too late

You’ll regret not listening

To those who lived your fate

Before you can blink

I’ll commit hit and run

I’ll screw you over

I’ll laugh when I’m done

I’ll move on to the babies

The ones who believe me so much

The dumb ones like you

Who think I’m someone to trust

18 thoughts on “Trust

  1. I came here after reading the latest news on that freak, Josh Powell, who took an ax to his two little children and then blew the house up. Now it’s coming out that the authorities had found “incestuous” photos on his computer two fucking years ago. Your piece reminded me of something a pedophile or serial killer would say. It was grossly touching.


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