I’ll making my way, door to door.

Okay….So I took a week off to decompress, which didn’t do a thing for my blog reading or commenting, except make it more overwhelming. BUT…..That’s okay. I managed to put everything into Google Reader, which does make it easier to find and read the good stuff. I also managed to mess up the blogs I follow by taking them off my WordPress account somehow. Oh well, that happened after I copied them all into Google. I hope. Also…..The number of blogs I follow really isn’t that bad, but you people sure write a lot of shit and I mean that in the nicest way. So….Now I can begin visiting everyone and not feel like my email account has a strangle-hold on me. I also took my links off of Facebook. If people don’t know how to find my blog by now, then they really don’t want to read it and I’m tired of checking Facebook for anything. So……See you soon.

16 thoughts on “I’ll making my way, door to door.

  1. I hear you. I’m still trying to catch up after the week at the hospital with dad and no wifi. Glad you’re able to get organized–there is aLOT of reading from some prolific writers. Don’t push yourself too hard.


  2. I will be calling in on you later on, and catching up
    over the weekend too so get ready for that one Lorre 🙂

    Right all I need now is a cup
    of coffee and a biscuit or three 🙂

    Like… The Terminator always says…

    I’ll Be Back 😉

    Androgoth XXx


  3. I am one of those prolific writers you need a weekly digest for…but then again, that only means on email with 21 posts inside it.

    I think I need to break down and get a reader. Gad. Another toy. Another flat, electronic toy. What is the world coming to?



    1. Now…the google reader is on gmail, along with the cool G+ and other extra features. I have to say you and a few others, but mostly you, killed my email box. As soon as I read something, you posted something else. I think you do that on purpose.

      Reading…..aside from blogs now, I read nothing. I wonder if I even remember how to read a good book.


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