911: Blogger Drowning And In Need Of Assistance

I’m calling the hotline and I need some counseling. I don’t care if you leave a comment here or send an email….just help please.

Problem:  Prior to starting this blog several months ago (October 2011), I hadn’t written in about ten years. Life just got in the way, or I let it. Now that I’m writing again, I feel great, but it’s becoming hard to get posts out as often as I’d like and with the quality that I’d like. AND….Besides putting posts up, I haven’t worked on any other writing projects, which makes me kind of sad. SO……I’m doing my mom and wife thing, plus working out now. The time I have per day to work on me stuff is limited. When I have time, I’d like to write, but I’m getting “blogged” down with being a good blog friend and reading all the blog posts of those I follow, liking and commenting. Don’t get me wrong, I love reading other people’s posts, but I’m starting to rack up 100+ emails per day. I’m drowning trying to do it all. Let’s be honest. I’m drowning trying to do some of it. Any suggestions? How do you bloggers out there manage writing, reading, commenting and going beyond your own blog to work on other writing projects. I can’t be the only one out in the blogosphere with this issue.

47 thoughts on “911: Blogger Drowning And In Need Of Assistance

  1. Such a serious post from you today. I’m actually kind of in the same boat. I try at a minimum to get posts out on Monday and Thursdays but really try to get more out if possible. The only time I get to write is after 8pm when the kids go to bed and Ive either farted in front of my wife too much or pissed her off enough where she tells me to go write. I usually stay up till midnight or later writing and editing until I finally settle on something I like. Lately I am having a hard time too coming up with good posts that are worthy of being “the best humor and satire in all the land”. Part of my problem is my fading by still subtle desire that one day the WP gods might actually realize that my writing is a hell of a lot better than half the crap on Freshly Pressed and put me up there. It’s probably a pipe dream but one can wish. I’m also trying to get published on Cracked.com as they have a few ideas I’ve pitched they are currently reviewing. If accepted that will take more time and will probably cause my existing blog to suffer in the short term. If only we got paid for this shit.


    1. It is serious and I’m ill about it Rob. Speaking of The WP gods…I just took a hop over to the Freshly Pressed page and I have no idea what the “gods” are thinking. No offense to the guy that wrong a quick (1 paragraph) blurb about today being Groundhog Day and if you never saw the movie you should……….really? Really Rob, if that is the best of the best then you shouldn’t want to be Freshly Pressed. Your postings are worthy of the “Better Than Freshly Pressed” page.
      Good luck with cracked.com. I hope it works out.


  2. I really hear you, because I’m beginning to have the same issues. So, I’ve decided to slot my “blog response” time to 1 or 2 hours first thing in the morning, while I have coffee, toast, etc. – anything over that will have to wait, either until just before I go to bed, or until the next morning.

    Then, because I’m trying to deal with several chronic health issues, I usually need to rest while the pain meds have time to work. I’m giving myself about an hour for that. By about lunchtime, I figure that I have about 4 solid hours to write; either poetry, or working on my book (sorry, I don’t have hubby or kids, so don’t know how to work around that part).

    That’s all I can manage right now, because I’m usually at the point of exhaustion again by that time. I’ve also decided that I can’t physically keep up with posting on my blog every single day, so at the moment, I’m happy with about 3 times a week; more only if I feel up to it or have an inspiration that just has to be written right away. At the same time, I have to prepare for my special blogs (Valentines Day, etc.) and my monthly featured guest blogs – and often end up doing those late at night.

    It’s all exciting, all interesting and brings a lot of joy – but I think many of us join you in realizing that it can also be all-consuming. Just know that you’re not alone in this dilemma – and if you get any other pointers to help cope, I wouldn’t mind some, either. Hang in there! ((((Hugs)))) ~ Julie


  3. I did a post on managing time in front of the screen not long ago. Got some good comments. The fact of the matter is, I don’t know how all of you out there with young families, jobs, elderly parents, etc. do it. When I was raising my children, blogging wasn’t even a blip on my radar. I know it can be a good outlet from day to day life, but I think you have to pick and chose and make some changes. Decide what you like to do more and does more for you and your soul, and let the rest slide. There is always one more blog to follow that rings your bell. It never ends. I have the gift of spending my days as I wish and still feel i am in front of the screen a bit too much. Just know Lorelee, that your blogging buddies will understand if you aren’t by as often so you can post more, or vice versa depending how you feel. We are a resilient and supportive bunch. Good luck lovey! Margie


  4. Lorre, this is a really common and growing problem. TODAY for the first time in weeks, I had a few minutes to spend actually writing something creative. I am way too aware how it goes. I say:

    Be true to YOURSELF first. Do some creative writing FIRST.

    To be totally brutal, we do NOT get paid for commenting or Tweeting or FB’ing, or any of that stuff! We merely help others, it is really a professional courtesy– and hopefully they reciprocate–but do not always do so either, so keep that in mind.

    The key with commenting is to be realistic. NOBODY can do everything. We only have so much time. OUR friend RED says only a given % of followers actually read, and only a given % of those readers comment. That’s pretty obvious and logical too, otherwise we would have HUNDREDS of comments daily. So read what you like, comment where you WANT to, but don’t feel obligated.

    Blow away the emails. UNCHECK the “send me an email with followup comments” or choose the “send’em once a week ” option at the bottom of the comments section.
    Make comments short.
    Learn to speed-read and skim so that you’ll know immediately if you want to comment or not.
    Again, write your creative stuff FIRST…and do the reading/commenting/tweeting etc, as fill-in work as time allows you to do so.. Let’s face it, nobody writes OUR stuff FOR us.

    Decide what’s really important. We’re all flooded like that with the “social aspect”. This IS a huge issue –and getting worse as we increase our social circles.

    Here’s what I say……I cannot work 24 hrs each day on the computer. I certainly don’t expect others to do so.

    Bottom line, Lorre…..to survive, PICK and CHOOSE…after you do your own posting, creative writing, etc.
    That’s what I’m having to do at Incoming Bytes,,,……and that’s the best advice I can offer ! “:)


  5. I suspect Raymond has the right of it. But more important, don’t get bogged down in the ‘how many’ per day or per week. It is supposed to be fun. Comment where you want.

    I try to at least let someone know I dropped by by ‘liking’ their most recent addition, you don’t have to comment all the time unless you want to.

    I try to read in the mornings and the evenings. I don’t worry about how many or often I post.


    1. Valentine, I think you’re right. “How many” is irrelevant. It IS supposed to be fun ! It’s the quality of the stuff that you read that counts –only quality will inspire time-consuming comments.

      The “like” button on WP doesn’t work unless you’re signed in and signed UP, another time-consuming job that is very, very annoying. Why should someone have to sign in, or sign up to “like ” something? With FB and Twitter, you have to WAIT while all of the forwarding boxes open up, etc…what a NUISANCE. At times I refuse!!!!!

      *sigh…….There are only so many hours in one DAY.
      El Guapo is right, focus on the writing. In my book the rest of the deal “gets the rest of any time available.” ..period. “:)


  6. I don’t really have much to add to the previous good suggestions.
    I am THE worst member of the blog community ever, I cry when I don’t get views, likes, and comments on my little posts, but I don’t take time to look at other’s posts and comment etc like I should.
    So, having said that, I am in no position to offer any advice. But here’s my advice: Follow your heart, your family and your health are your priority, expressing yourself and voicing your gifts is also important, the rest of us…we’re not going anywhere.
    If you need to trim down the number of blogs that you follow, do it. If my silly little blog is one of them, I’ll miss you but I do not want to be one of the people who is “blogging” you down.
    And you don’t have to comment on this comment, or any comment. Take it easy on yourself and your expectations. Your true fans will understand, and we will look forward to anything you write in the future.
    See you on the book tour!


    1. Your book tour?

      The cat’s out of the bag. This post was about you and your annoying blog. What a time sucker. I’m glad I can get out from under that burden.
      Okay….I’m not dropping you. I bet you thought that would be a great way to get rid of me though.

      Thanks for giving me your “no advice”, it was good.


  7. You’re right, Lorre — it takes so much time. And it is so addictive. But there are no prizes for posting every day, no awards for commenting on each and every blog (and if there are you and I’ve probably gotten it so WE DON’T NEED NO MORE), no cash for clicking “follow.”

    I too am slowing down — the stats don’t seem to have the same allure. My son is older and my husband a sports nut. But I have a demanding job and am realizing that I like being good at it.

    We love your stuff, and will love it once a week, once a month, once a fortnight (should I ever really accept that that is an actual measurement of time and not simply the length of time in a romance novel between when we meet the heroine and she is abducted). Whatever. Whenever.


    1. Except for the fact that I don’t need to be behind on another award post (still am)…we really should get one for commenting. Let’s not and say we did.
      My hubby built me a nice office and he said I better start doing more writing, which is why he built it of course. I really need to focus 90% on that and 10% on the other.
      Don’t get excited though, I’m not going anywhere. Thanks for loving me…or my stuff, whatever.


  8. There is a very easy solution and that is to ‘Unfollow’ as many as you can, that is what I do and it works… Well it definitely cuts down all the e mails anyway but then you have to keep up-to-scratch on new postings manually, and that isn’t so easy, especially if one has a lot of friends…

    To be honest it is quite impossible to keep up no matter what method one adopts so don’t be feeling as though you are offending anyone because we are all in the same boat my fine and wicked friend, indeed I too am so far behind on peeps blogging that it is a wonder that they have not dropped me by now, but like I said it is the same for all of us, we add blogs or whatever and try to keep up the best that we can, whilst fitting everything else that we do in the real world, combining the virtual, and for the most part doing a fine job of it…

    I always say, ‘Call in Whenever You Have the Opportunity’ and that is all that any of us can do, but do try cutting back on the ‘Follow’ option and there are also several settings that you can tweak to reduce those pesky e mails…

    Right get over to my Space right now lass and read my
    latest scripts… Yes I am kidding Lorre… Have a very nice
    rest of evening and look forward to a daringly exciting
    weekend too 😉 🙂

    Androgoth XXx


    1. Very good advice and I’m sure you are right about never really being able to do it all. It’s about priorities after all and we all need to be writing.

      I will come see what’s on your blog very soon. I always need some wickedness in my life and I know where to go for that.

      Try to be semi-good this weekend. I don’t know why, it just sounds like something a mom should say. BUT….since I’m not “your” mom I guess you can be wicked.


      1. I will endeavour to be good but my darker instincts will lead me astray for sure, but I will try nonetheless… You know, I still haven’t caught up with all of your postings either, but guess what? I am definitely going to try because I like your Space, I like your witty and wicked offerings and I also like you too 🙂

        Now how about that for being a tad wicked, well I always say what I mean and so I guess you are stuck with this rather eccentric Goth reading and commenting on your posts, and the wickedness will also continue, in my Space I mean 🙂 Have a lovely evening Lorre…

        Androgoth XXx


      2. Thanks again. I’ll take honesty like yours anyday. I promise I’ll get over to your space soon. I’ve just had minutes here and there today to check comments.

        The good news is, I’ve been witty, wicked and sarcastic with my words all my life. Now that I’m older, it doesn’t get me in quite as much trouble…..so….when I post, it should be a bit worth reading.

        Good night!


  9. I personally love your witty charm / sarcasim
    I work four days on and get four days off… so I don’t get to do as much as I like too…
    but when I do, I make drafts… at least four a day…so on the days I have no time, I simply post one of them…I have a dozen or more in my drafts at all times… my blog (all blogs) are different so it will be different for each of us… but my second blog (fishin for chuckles) suffers, and gets pushed aside alot, as do the novel I am writing, but, when I do… get the time I make the best of it and remember it is for enjoyment not emplyment (~_~)


    1. Thanks for the praise and I too, enjoy both of your blogs. Making drafts is a great idea. I think I just really need to find some blocks of time for this blog and other writing pursuits.

      I think anyone who can write a novel is amazing. Good luck with that project.


  10. I feel you … I haven’t done much non-blog writing myself. It’s difficult with kids so I try to get my stuff done when everyone is asleep and Letterman is on TV. It’s is hard to visit everyone and get your own quality posts out. I usually pick two or three days out of the week to read and comment on other people, then focus on my own stuff 🙂 No worries I think we all need life preservers 😉


  11. Raymond–keep comments short? Lol! lorrelee, you are not alone. I am away from home this week taking care of my dad with. Wifi only when I get back to the motel at night — wah! Sooooooooooooo behind in everything! one thing I do with the posting thing is to keep a notebook handy and when I have an inspiration I jot it down. Thence sits in my head percolating for a while. As I can grab a moment or two, I pre-write, jotting down points or resources…. A few moments caught at another time, and I imput it into a draft on the blog site. another chunk of time is spent refining and scheduling. I alway have several posts in draft form at a time. This works for article writing as well (although I’m doing little of that right now.). I haven’t posted much this week, but I’ve been able to do some and prepare to do others by chunking my time like this.

    Reading….. agh! I am so far behind because I can’t do that w/o my wifi. Just got an iPad for Christmas though, and the plan was to read them while sitting in the hospital. Best laid plans….. I may miss a few, but when they hit my inbox, I put them in a blog post to read folder where they hang out till I have time for them. I also have a comments to moderate folder and deal with that all at one time or as I have opportunity. Great post and it was short and sweet. Maybe more of these when there’s a time crunch?

    So glad we have our writer friend to support us in our craziness :). Angie


    1. Wow. We all need a lot more time, but that’s not going to happen. I just started bringing a notebook everywhere I can to jot down ideas. I make sure to have one on the nightstand as well. Your way of getting your wrtiing down sounds as good as it gets.

      I say…we all selfishly take care of ourselves first and then worry about the feedback. Better late than never, right?


  12. I tried to think of advice. . . and came up with nothing. However, your happiness should come first. If that means you won’t be stopping by my blog any longer then so be it. But I will note that I will miss your silly and sarcastic comments.

    For my part, I will read whatever you post however often, or not, uh, often, you post.


    1. Oh….I’m not getting rid of you. Are you trying to get rid of me like MisplacedBoy tried to do? I’ll be lurking around, it just might take me longer to read and comment than usual because I need to make sure I have my writing done first.

      I don’t know how fashionable it will be, but I will probably be late to the party from now on. Just leave me at least one drink and a few snacks when I get there.


      1. No, just simply stating that I understand what your priorities are and why they are what they are.

        As for you being late, I’ll leave the light out but no promises on the drinks. If I see an unattended drink. . . well, I’m thirsty.


  13. I am so glad you posted this. It is an growing problem for me, I have to say. I was posting every day for a while there and it began to take over my day between posting and keeping up on other’s posts. It’s not possible to keep up daily and some days I am exhausted by trying to do just that.
    Here’s what I am doing to survive:
    I am scaling back my writing to 3 times per week. I am limiting the amount of time I spend reading posts each day. I start my day often with an hour set to read posts. When that time ends I move to the next task on my ‘to-do’ list. It creates routine and I don’t get bogged down or use of up so much of my day anymore.
    Good luck to you chickie, I hope you feel more at ease soon!


  14. Yeah. I don’t know how the hell you do it. Popularity is a tough thing 😉

    Really though, I’m not kidding. This is a serious issue. What do you do when you reach that point where your blog is very popular (as yours clearly is) but it doesn’t yet make you any money?
    Good luck figuring it out.


  15. Obviously, you will still need to read my blog. Not that I’m selfish, but it’s your first priority. Second, you should do your own writing. Third, more comments on my blog posts.

    I was in the same boat and did the RSS Feed Reader thing. This puts all the blogs on a big list and you can see what you want to read. Check out my post for how to:

    Hopefully that helps. Definitely uncheck the send to email box. That just about killed me when I saw my emails, as well.

    Whatever you do, don’t stop writing, my friend.


    1. I will check that out. I was wondering waht you were talking about with the Feed Reader. If I am too slow to comprehend the info…I’ll hit you back, but not in a mean way. Thanks.

      Don’t worry. I won’t stop reading, although I haven’t done anything in about a week. My house is a wreck and chaos slows my brain down. I’ll get it together soon.


  16. I feel your pain.. seriously!
    You’ll notice I fall behind (often!) and it’s tough to keep up.
    Just hang in there!
    Comment when you can and concentrate on solid writing for your own blog.


    1. I didn’t want to say anything, but your slackness is quite the embarrassment to us all. You need to work on that.

      Seriously, I put everything into my reader on gmail and it’s so much easier to read the blogs now. I have some post ideas in the works and will be getting back to the funny or at least the sarcastic rude truth of it all very soon.


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