Mixing Business With Pleasure

Unless you are in the sex trade, then I don’t think it’s such a hot idea. I know there are those of you who might disagree and to a certain extent I get it. Some really good friendships can come out of the workplace and there is always the possibility of a romantic connection at work that actually lasts. BUT…More often than not, I’ve seen superiors with employees and it’s quite awkward when it ends. By the way, it was never a secret like you thought. Everyone at work knew you were doing the nasty. AND….Let us not forget the co-workers, who are both married to others, or at least one of them is spoken for. Again, not a secret. Everyone knows it and everyone is talking smack behind your back. BUT……I’m not talking about those rare happenings in life though and I’m not really talking about the romanctic aspect of it. I’m referring to those people to see the workplace as a replacement for highschool or college.

We all know them, the people who always say the best time in their life was school. When they talk about funny moments or accomplishments, it pretty much always goes back to school. It’s sad to think after graduation, nothing much else happened for them. There’s a mentality with them that carries into their new “grownup” role and job/career. They don’t understand not mixing business with pleasure. Their workplace has now become the new best thing that’s ever happened to them. They talk incessantly about their job at parties and on Facebook. Their besties, you guessed it….are all from work. They can’t seem to have a get together  without clinging to the work umbilical cord. BUT….it takes a village….of idiots, to do this. Obviously, you need a crew of people who feel the same way you do.

It’s funny though, because the people who don’t share this mentality, well, they’ve moved on from having to be tied at the hip to those they see everyday. They kinda feel sorry for you. They see the swagger your gang has walking down the hall and going to lunch. They hear the laughing in the parking lot as you all meet and decide what to do next. They see the look in your eyes that says “I bet they want to be in our click.”, BUT….Do you see the pity in their eyes because you aren’t as cool as you think. They don’t want to join your gang. They want to go home and see their family. OR…..They want to go out with some real friends that they don’t see everyday and have to pretend to like (maybe just that one person from work). They don’t talk about you or the job when they are off the clock. They have a life. They have interests and dreams. They don’t need to be up your ass joining your latest drunkfest, because alcohol is not the common denominator for long-lasting friendships. Well, if you are an alcoholic and your buddy owns a bar, then it might be.

SO…..don’t be scared to meet new people. You aren’t going to get fired because you don’t hang with a certain group. Oh course, if you hang with the right group, you might not get fired for being a piece of shit at your job. That would be a bonus to work friends. BUT…..It’s not really friends if you’re using them.

21 thoughts on “Mixing Business With Pleasure

    1. Yes it does.
      I got sucked into the “I have to be friends with the people I work with.” in my first job. Thankfully, I grew out of that train of thought quickly. Leaving work at work made for a happier home life.


  1. I guess I am fortunate to have avoided this. I work remotely, have for years. More than half the time I don’t ever meet the people I actually work with face-to-face. All to often people I talk to every day I wouldn’t know if I saw them on the street.

    All I can say to this is…I am grateful.

    You are so right though, maintaining that separation is so important. Not that it is a terrible thing to find friendship in the workplace it is just rare.


    1. I agree. I think when you are thrown into a bunch of people at once (school, work, community church or organization), it’s natural to want to make friends. Forced friendships don’t work, but if you find one that does, hold on tight.


  2. Yeah, a lot of people don’t understand the leaving work at work mentality. My wife used to get upset with me because I wouldn’t talk about work when I got home at the end of the day. I would always reply that work sucks and that I have no desire to relive it.

    I, too, get annoyed with workplace cliques. It really is like being in high school all over again. Gossip and backstabbing have no place at work. I just do my job and go home. It alienates some people, but if they’re turned off by it I have no use for them anyway.


    1. All of my posts are about anyone, everyone and nobody in particular. They all stem from something going on with me now or in my past, or with friends or family. So…nothing in particular, just another idea from my head to write about.


  3. Those cliques are all over the place and who needs them? Real friends are those that are always there for you no matter what the situation is, that are supportive, encouraging and yet not critique of any given circumstances, and the rest that are sort of part time friends are just irrelevant…

    Have a lovely rest of evening Lorre 🙂

    Androgoth XXx


    1. I agree and they are most certainly not needed. You are correct about real friendships. They go on no matter what and real friends lift each other up or at least hold each other steady instead of tearing each other down.

      Go on with your great evening. I have some blogs to read.


  4. No job every paid me enough to work off the clock. Prostitution is still illegal where I live. You cannot make me talk about work when I am not at work, especially since I am not being paid to socialize. You also cannot be in my social circle without a separate personality than your work persona. Yes, I discriminate against those without DID.



    1. The little I know about the nasty small minded people in your town….I’m pretty sure most of them would know where prostitution could be found. If they gave out receipts, I bet their wallets would be full of them.

      Yes, and some jobs aren’t even that interesting to talk about or go to for that matter. Perhaps misery loves company even after the day is done.


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