My blog is on it’s menstrual cycle.

Pretty gross, I know, but what else can it be? This is my 3rd post for today. The words are flowing out of me and it’s kind of ugly and messy. I tried to wrap my keyboard with a pad, but it didn’t work.

Actually, it’s not that complicated or interesting, but it’s this: The baby has slept through the night (only 2 nights) and mommy isn’t as tired during the day. Also, my office is pretty much done. It needs the light fixture put in and some caulking done, but it’s basically done. Having my space makes all the difference.

Just getting started.
This corner looks better now.
All the random crap from around the house, finally has a home.
These photos are crap, but I never said I was a photographer. Being in my office has motivated me to think of some money making ideas. Working outside of the home is not an option. I am hanging with my little man. So….What does that leave?
The sex industry is an option: call girl (at home), sex site or phone sex operator. I’d have to work around dropping off and picking up the kids from school, therapy visits and other errands. Too much trouble. A web site would be cool, but it would be like looking at a naked chicken dumpling with lips (2 sets) and although, I’m sure someone would be turned on by that, I’ll pass. Phone sex would be easier, but I’d end up clipping my toe nails during calls or taking the phone with me to the bathroom. Again….fetishes are out there. I don’t know if I want to pretend to enjoy strangers sick requests. I’d probably end up laughing at their sorry asses on the phone and I’m pretty sure I’d lose customers that way. Okay…that’s out. I guess I’ll have to keep thinking about it. I’ve always wanted to write Greeting Cards in my spare time. HMMMM!

49 thoughts on “My blog is on it’s menstrual cycle.

  1. Okay, you make me shake my head on a regular basis. Glad your office is almost buttoned up. I could see you writing adult greeting cards. Adult being the operative word, LOL! There are markets for everything. Find a niche. Keep thinking missy. Margie


    1. Don’t get whiplash dear.

      I need to come up with something. I’ve already heard at home: “When can you start making money off your blog?”, which in turn leads to, “Never”.

      I surely need to wrap my brain around some ideas though.


  2. I am sitting here lmao! I am a visual person, and its nice to be able to see where you sit while the word diarrhea flows out out from your fingers..however, the naked chicken dumplings?! Hahahaha!!!


    1. Awesome. I told my husband before I posted it that I thought it was total crap. He said post it, it’s fine. Glad it got a laugh out of you.

      Yes. I need to put plastic down on the floor for all the diarrhea. It can get messy in here.


  3. well…… reading your creativity – you might want to capitalize on writing – ebooks selling at 99cents have made instant millionaires – check out amazon….com independent writer ebooks – quickly learn to publish your own – so you share the profit with the amazon – peanuts to a visionary like yourself…. the net is filled with tips (hardcover and paperbacks are going to go bye-bye soon – something i’ll hate to see, but it will happen… remember the typewriter ? dust…

    sex jobs are over rated ~ you are way over qualified…

    this comment will self-destruct in a hurry – someone else will steal this idea if you don’t act on it tonight………… organize, close your eyes and imagine the possibilities that no one else has – go with it………….. you already organized your office…. you can scribble notes while you dropping off, picking up – yada yada yade…….. honest…. just fine a HOOK for your ebook series (that should be simple in this copycat world – something simple and UNIQUE……bye

    BTW: i enjoy reading your space


    1. Wow. Talk about some inspirational words. Thanks so much for your comment. I will check into and think about your suggestions. I’ve always wanted to do something with my writing and another something always gets in the way.

      I don’t know about being over qualified, but no sex jobs for me.

      Again, thank you so much. I’m glad you like reading the insanity I post on here.


  4. I’m in the same boat…making money from home. I have done some freelance writing gigs (very little money) and am a regular (paid) contributor on a mommy blog (not a lot of pay…but, something, right?!). I’ll eventually find out what I want to do…maybe that greeting card ideas would work!


    1. I sure hope so. It seems with the internet comes more opportunity, yet more competition. Oh….why can’t it all be super easy.

      I think it’s great you are getting to write (freelance/mommy blog), although more money would be ideal.


  5. I thought this was bad…”my blog is on its menstrual cycle”
    then I fell over…”a naked chicken dumpling with lips (2 sets)” …laughing…
    I love your wit and charming posts…try reality T.V. (grin)


  6. There is a distinct need for good greeting cards. Halmark???? I don’t think so. Perhaps the Lorre equivalent of Jacquie Lawson. There is definitely a market for snark.


    1. I will have to look into that more.

      I love the memorabilia from the kids. Everyone should have their own set in their homes. I’m pretty crazy with their stuff. My front entry way is filled with their framed artwork and I hung several of their pictures up in their playroom as well.


  7. I’m just laughing here. The whole way through that sex industry thing, I’m stuck thinking about all the possible variations on the e-menstrual cycle (probably an iPhone app for that). But then again, yeah, fetishes out there.

    The expression, “Does a chicken have lips?” will never mean the same thing again.


    1. I meant with the greeting cards, your cartoons etc. A little part of me always dies to get a Jackie Lawson, and I know it’s the thought that counts but I’ve never opened one up without being reminded again, and again . . .


  8. An office – awesome:) I’m glad you passed on the first few options, let us know how that greeting card thing turns out. You could write a card to send to your blog when it’s suffering from PMS:) Angie


  9. I need greeting cards which will menstruate on the recipient. I think it is a fabulous idea. I even know someone with a book store we could probably get drunk enough to carry them. And I would have to order them by the gross, along with all my internet postage to send to the nimrods who stalk me. Amazing what you can find out from an IP addy 😉

    PS Never truly discount hooking. Eventually, hubs will get a raise, and you can up the charges.


  10. Perhaps something up the phone sex food chain – written critiques of the calls perhaps, to get the callees up to a higher level?
    Plus you’d be on mute, so could clip your toenails and laugh to your heart’s content.


  11. You are the first person I’ve met who is torn between the greeting card industry, and the sex industry. Of course, these two are so similar… couldn’t they just sort of overlap?

    Just going off the cuff here, but maybe something like making sexual phone call greetings. You could even read your lines off of pre-written cards… you know, greeting cards. Greeting cards that say things like, “Greetings! We’re glad you’re here. Later, how ’bout lets you and me get a bottle and do the skanky panky…..”

    Well okay, don’t hire me to write the damn cards. But I really do see potential here.


    1. Sounds awesome. I see you’ve given this a lot of thought, so I think you should be a part of this business if it gets underway.
      Sexual phone greetings is actually a great idea. I mean really, if people pay to send out singing telegrams, then why not sexgrams over the phone.


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