Humor: My drug and therapy of choice….

Sometimes it’s humor. Sometimes it’s wit. Sometimes it’s sarcasm and many times it’s just damn inappropriate. BUT…..That’s me. Take it or leave it. I’m not changing my thought process or verbal outbursts for anyone. Like I tell most people, it’s a birth defect. Get over it!

Can I be a serious person? Of course dumb shit. I’m serious, sensitive, analytical, creative and I’m a whole bunch of other crap this post isn’t about. Believe it or not, some people, but not many, say that I’m a nice and giving person. Those people aren’t very smart though. It’s important to keep them around though. How else am I going to lift my self-esteem if it isn’t on the backs of those less superior? Now that we’ve settled that, let’s get back to business.

Many moments in my life would have been well suited for drugs (legal or otherwise) and/or therapy. Even as a child, I used humor in all it’s forms, to help me get through tough times.  I even tried to use it to get others through theirs. Sometimes, it’s just good to lighten the mood or break the ice.

A sampling of such:

  • My mom and dad separated and my sister and I (8 yrs. old) were going to live with her. It was the first time I ever saw my dad upset: “Well, on the bright side, you won’t have to pay for so much lunch money.” My comment upset him more. Oh well, it doesn’t always work.
  • I found an email my (ex) husband sent to someone with a picture of his penis. I printed it out with a note to him: “Maybe you should make sure your penis is erect next time, so it doesn’t seem so tiny.”
  • * PERSONAL and TMI: I don’t mind sharing this because my hubby does. We were in bed “wrestling”  and I felt like it was getting too serious. We needed a mood change. I began to talk in a slow “special” voice and displayed a very confused face: “Wha’ are you doing to me? I work at FasMart. I dun know bout these things. Stop. Stop. Wha’ is that you point at me? You scaring me.” Yes. My hubby was quite startled and lost his mojo, but he laughed his ass off and now labels me the FasMart girl when it suits him. The point is we don’t take ourselves too seriously, no matter what we might be doing.
  • *POLITICALLY INCORRECT: I don’t want the fact that my son has down syndrome to define him. I struggled a bit with his diagnosis and I found others did too (not knowing what to say). My friend was concerned about holding him. She said she hadn’t washed her hands: “What are you going to do? He already has down syndrome.” She laughed and held him. After I wrapped my brain around the diagnosis I told people: “At least I won’t have to worry about him driving drunk or getting some girl pregnant in highschool.” I would say: “We’re lucky he has down syndrome, have you seen my other kids? They’re the ones we have to worry about.”
  • I loved working with special needs children because they didn’t feel sorry for themselves and often had a great sense of humor about life. One boy I worked with was in a wheelchair. He kept banging his legs into chairs and desks because he was always in a hurry and not too graceful. I told him to stop banging his legs. He said: “Why? It’s not like I need them.” Then I said: “They make your pants look nice.” We were waiting for his bus one day and I noticed we were over the handicapped space with the painted image of the person in the wheelchair. I said: “Look. It’s the crime scene of some handicapped person who died here.” We both had a good laugh.
  • My kids hate going to stores and running errands with me. I used to tell them: “You have to come. We might run into your real parents and I want to give you back.”
  • Although it’s annoying at times, ( I’m sure mine is), one of the reasons I love my husband is for his sense of humor. We were at his mother’s funeral and everyone was very emotional, of course. He was holding my hand and said in a not so quiet voice: “If my mother were alive, do you know what she would say? Get me out of here!”

48 thoughts on “Humor: My drug and therapy of choice….

  1. “birth defect”?
    I think not.
    And I really appreciate (and identify with) your quite appropriate use of the inappropriate.

    If I remember it, I’m using the last one at my folks funerals.


  2. Doesn’t happen very often, but I literally LOL’d about the wheelchair crime scene thing. I will never look at a handicapped parking spot the same way again.

    As a drug of choice, humor is the best: It’s cheap, you don’t need a prescription, nor do you need to buy it from a scary dude in a rough part of town. Your humor serves you well, thank you for sharing it with us.


    1. Don’t tell anyone you can’t buy it. I was thinking about setting up an illegal humor ring in order to bring some cash into the house.

      I have to say…when I said the crime scene thing out loud, I almost peed my pants I laughed so hard at what I was saying. The bus driver pulled up and probably thought I was on “real” drugs.


  3. Having fun and adding jovial quips in our daily lives is most certainly a fun way of breaking the ice and adding a sparkle of originality and charm, I have been reading some of your postings (Yes I will get round to reading and commenting on them all 🙂 eventually 😉 lol) and from the short time that I have known you here I too can see that you are a nice and giving person. Indeed this posting shows your fine charisma and the art of engaging the moment, rather like a flash of inspiration that adds a motivating approach to caring, as with the youngster in the wheelchair and the laughter that was created by your witty observations. I like that a lot my friend…

    Have a very nice rest of day and a wicked evening also 🙂 😉

    Androgoth XXx


    1. I have to say…I love and hate your comments at the same time.

      I love everything that you say because you are smart, kind and generous with your praise and you seem to genuinely enjoy the postings.

      I hate your comments because you are a far superior commenter and responder than I am and I’m just so damn jealous.

      Once again, thanks for the wonderful comments. Your momma raised you right.


      1. Thank you for your very kind thoughts, and you know, I think that your comments are equally generated, I am no more superior than anyone else my fine young friend and yes, I am genuinely interested in your postings as I find them truisms, indeed you always add a bright and authentic posting that is alive with your sharp, keen mind, your honesty is refreshing and your amusing mannerisms add a wonderful edge to your Space and I like that…

        Have a very wicked evening now Lorrelee 🙂

        Androgoth XXx


  4. Were we separated at birth?

    And you are so right about special needs children, they don’t ever feel sorry for themselves and they can teach us a thing or two!


  5. ROFL I have a quirky sense of humor myself that people don’t always ‘get’. I tell some of them (who don’t seem to have a funny bone receptor) that “if I’m ever serious, I’ll let you know. Otherwise, assume everything I say is a joke.” In the interest of TMI, I find making my husband laugh is the best way to get him “wrestling”. I think your ex must be brain dead (pun intended?) because no woman on earth wants to see one of those in a resting state! You should have bought him a magnifying glass to give her with the picture. I’m sure both of them would have appreciated it greatly. 😀 Angie


    1. I’m almost tongue tied…..almost. Believe it or not, since I’m so sarcastic….I feel the same about you. AND…Don’t ever lose the snark. I need it thrown back at me all the time. It’s fun!


      1. No. I don’t think I’ll lose the snark nor will you. That’s how we deal with he bad thinks life throws at us, but also how we deal with the good. It is the best of both worlds, don’t cha know!

        And you shouldn’t never be tongue tied that I can be nice — you can be too — but where’s the fund THERE!


    1. It could be the fact that I’m just slow, but I thought you put those in there to creatively relate to me. My bad!

      Don’t say awards lady because I just got two more I haven’t made a post for yet and I’ll send them your way. (not for typos though)


      1. So did I — all of which I’ve gotten before. I appreciate the affection but I feel embarrassed. And there are other people who are more deserving. Well AS deserving. Cause NOBODY is MORE BETTER than you and me girl!

        Oops. I think I just lost 10 followers with that snark. Hopefully they will not follow you, though!


        1. So sorry to read that you don’t think your blog is any good. Don’t worry, though, I’m SURE it’ll get better.

          Actually I think you and I need to work together to come up with a STOP BLOG AWARDS BLOG AWARD …


      2. So shocked you said that, but thanks for the uplifting comment. I’ll try to do better.

        We should, but then who the hell do we give it to? Do we just give it to people who give us an award? That way, we can cut them off at the knees. I think it could really work though.


  6. No. Not a birth defect. I think your accepted all of the truths about yourself and know how to laugh about it. Some people don’t get over themselves that way. Some people take themselves way too seriously, that’s all.


  7. Lorre, I have decided that I may, possibly, should … stop reading your blog. You know that I take myself VERY seriously and you should be more serious, too. If there’s one thing I can’t stand it’s sarcasm. The kind of biting humor that starts at the neck, and then tenderly rips the head right off … the teddy bear! hehehe

    You know I count on you and your posts for “reindeer games,” and of course the subtle undercurrent that clearly shows how much you really do care. I spotted it right off the bat, because I have the same affliction! Carry on, my friend!


    1. You scared me for a minute. I was getting ready to start a new, more sensitve blog just for you. Thankfully, you jest my friend. I don’t know how long I could keep that up since I can’t even take care of my poetry blog that well.

      The downside of my sarcasm: My kids use it and they don’t have the art of it down. They just sound mouthy and disrespectful. Kind of like me, but I do it here for a laugh.

      Thanks for the kind words. I look forward to reading your blog as well and I really need to figure out how to get the blogs I follow on google reader. Is that even right?


      1. Yep, it’s google reader.

        And as far as the kids go, that happened with ours also. Then all of a sudden in late high school they started being really funny! Now when I’m around them, it’s like listening to stand-up comedy. The students unfortunately became the masters.


  8. Yes, it’s important to remember all those little people on whose backs you stepped on your way to the top … or nowhere fast. Seriously though, if you can’t laugh in the face of judgmental indignation, or even those kicks in the butt that life throws you, then what’s the point? Learning to roll with the punches may not always be pleasurable, but at least it means you’re still in the game! 🙂


  9. Thank you for your very kind thoughts, and put a tag on me that i can write something very interesting which anybody need to share.
    i Don’t know what i write here, because your articles are more intelligent for me to understand the depth, you are out spoken, playing with words, know how to write the expression and feelings, when i start reading i feel sad but in very next moment i start laugh, ok. enough! if i write everything in start, what shall i write on your other post,


  10. I am so glad you knew it was a crime scene. Reminds me of an Easter egg hunt we had at the hospital where my mother worked. The children were enjoying the sidewalk chalk, and I simply could not resist the urge to draw the outline of the Easter bunny and tire tracks…very long, large tire tracks.

    I justified it by explaining the truck TRIED to stop…


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