Notes to Self……..

Damn good, but my mom is still white trash for this.
This is such a redneck thing to do.

37 thoughts on “Notes to Self……..

    1. I started that line of thinking a year ago when we went on vacation. We went out for breakfast and I took a hard look at the kids. One had crazy hair, one had dirty clothes and the other needed to bathe. I told them one by one that they smelled homeless, dressed homeless and adorned homeless hair. It stuck ever since.

      No offense to the homeless, who probably smell better than my boys.


      1. Hahaha, I’m sure I’ve been highly inappropriate enough already, but this photograph really needs to be taken and shared! You know… sitting on the sidewalk destitute, typing away on a $3,000 laptop with a little sign next to a cup seeded with some change. The sign reads: “Need Wi-Fi to read Articles of Absurdity!”


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