Weekly Photo Challenge: Launch

Just pretend I’m not here. I’m really breaking from posting for a few days, but I realized I never posted a photo for the Weekly Challenge and I have to do that. The theme is launch and as usual, I have to offer something absurd. I decided to go with what I don’t want launched and that would be my 15 month old, Justice, launching himself down a flight of stairs. My older boys have their rooms in the basement and always forget to close the door. I put a sign up as a reminder and made them write 50 sentences each time they forgot to shut the door. After dishing out the punishment only twice, my hubby thought it was too harsh (big softie and easy to guilt) and just wanted me to keep reminding them. I came up with a second sign to place on the door that I felt might be more effective. Hubby thought it was over the top, but sometimes you have to spell it out for people.

First Sign
Driving My Point Home









38 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Launch

    1. Well, compared to hubby I am a brutal meanie. I’m a very fun mom, but don’t forget I’m your mom and cross the wrong line….things can get ugly.

      I have to teach them cursive. They don’t teach it in the schools anymore, at least not where I live.


      1. I told my kids I would teach them cursive this year (summer) and that way, when they write, no other kid will know what they are saying. It will be like secret code.
        They don’t teach the parts of sentences anymore either. Computers do it all know…..so nobody bothers.


        1. I didn’t learn the parts of the sentence either. I would just as soon do quantum physics as diagram a sentence.

          They’ll be fine. Until they become addicted to skateboarding and video games.


      2. As long as they can take care of me when I’m old(er) and no ones wants me…I’m good. I guess if I’m not in my right mind (more so than now), it would be okay if they threw me into the ocean and fed me to the sharks.


        1. It depends on how far north you are. You could just be put out on an ice flow for the polar bears. And it would be good for the environment too. There are plenty of sharks, not so many polar bears, and fewer as time goes on.

          You should ask the boys to consider it. Besides, polar bears are cuter. And I know if something is going to eat me, I want it to be cute.


  1. I’m all for not launching a toddler down the stairs! And for parental unity. I don’t have a blended family but I know that brings special challenges. Why not take the door off the hinges and just install a baby gate? The older ones could step over the gate (if they’re tall enough). Just another idea so you don’t have to fight this battle : )


  2. Love it! Question is – did it work? I’d rather go overboard and not have that trip to the hospital or funeral home. Maybe they should be grounded from playing in their room for a while? Thanks for the laugh. Angie


    1. Keep in mind Jeff…that’s after they are responsible for his demise. Not only will they suffer from endless guilt, but they will have to write sentences while emotionally destroyed. I think it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

      Now…if you mean the 50 sentences before I put the sign up…it was 50 the first time and an additional 25 to whatever the last count was.


  3. Loving it. So you, L. Even in your absence. lol Happen those boys are on a path of life long learning that will outshine many far beyond their years. Good points, we are too much alike. Wait. We are so alike. I love it. 🙂


  4. Yes I think a baby safety gate will be the best choice here, I mean after your older boys have struggled through that a few times they will gladly shut the door without even being prompted, but I think that the lesson will be learned either way and the safety of your little one is paramount 🙂 Have a lovely weekend Lorrelee 🙂

    Androgoth XXx


    1. I trust them less with the safety gate. We already have a few of those in the house. I think I should be allowed to knock them upside the head a few times, but that damn social services always wants to get involved in such matters.


  5. 50? OK, that qualifies you for slacker mom. Mine have notebooks, and they have to write until I think there are enough pages…then again, I am the Mean Momma. Then again, I have a sign which says:
    The beatings will continue until morale improves.


    1. I’ve come to realize that I am not a slacker mom, but rather a give in to it wife. I give out lots of sentences (300) and bans on electronics and early bedtimes and the list goes on…………………Hubby thinks these rules are too harsh because what applies to one needs to apply to all and well…………he has one. I give a rule and somehow it gets turned around all together. I think you know where I am going here. I’m in a tough place. I stick to my guns with mine and end up being pretty disliked for it, but what else is being a mom all about.


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