The coffin had a screw loose. This should do it though.

After I completed my award post last night, fellow blogger mj monaghan was working on a similar post about the awards he has received. Much to my surprise, he awarded me with the Versatile Blogger award. I want to thank him for the recognition and I would like to defer to my earlier postings (because I’m a lazy cheater, as previously established) to fulfill these requirements.  I just exhausted my brain on this, which is quite easy to do nowadays.

If you want to read some “secret squirrel” stuff about me: Truth or Dare: Award Phase III

Here are a few more tasty or non-tasty tidbits:

  • Years ago, I was an aide in the special education department in my county, a substitute teacher and a homebound instructor. I know what you’re thinking, but I assure you, I was checked out first.
  • My hubby and I named our youngest after another man. This is a man we met on our honeymoon. No. He wasn’t part of some twisted relationship. We met him and his wife at the resort. He told my hubby that we would probably have a baby to add to our new blended family, just like him and his wife. My hubby said: “No way. If we do have a child and the baby is a boy, we will name him after you”. Thank goodness his name wasn’t Herman or Buford. I apologize to any Herman or Buford out there.
  • My friends are teaching me how to can and I’m super excited about that. Yes. I am teachable and yes, I actually have some friends.
  • I’m not a one trick pony. I am naturally sarcastic and I love the crazy smack talk in this blog. BUT….I also write songs, poems, stories, essays and screenplays. Not everything is full of sarcasm and humor, but I do favor those.
  • If I have to choose between doing what is right or what is socially acceptable at the time (good manners), I will choose doing (fighting for) what is right.

If you want to see who I gave the award to: Slackass has entered the building: Awards Final Phase IV

18 thoughts on “The coffin had a screw loose. This should do it though.

    1. I had to clarify that since (I believe) some people think I’m a pony with a broken leg and they are just waiting for a good time to shoot me. I guess when I’m so old that I leave my droppings everywhere, then they can shoot me. It’s okay though. I’m a glue and dog food donor, so I’ll be giving when I go.


  1. I love tidbit number 4.

    I do find your natural sarcasm and crazy smack talk refreshing to read. Would you consider posting your “other” works? I’m curious what other tricks this pony has. 😉


  2. Teaching you how to can what? Seems like I should know what that is but I’ve got no idea. I do, periodically, live under rocks though.

    I’m a tad sarcastic too. Well, maybe a lot. Not everybody understands the humor in sarcasm. I think it’s okay as long as it’s not done to hurt someone. Unless they deserve it. 🙂 It’s cool to know you write other stuff. Screenplays? That’s pretty cool.


    1. Canning meats, fruits, vegetables………It takes time, but well worth the savings and convenience of having it right on the shelf. Supposedly…it lasts forever, until you open the jar of course.

      I’m all for the sparing no one when it’s deserved. Sadly, I have yet to finish a screenplay. I started one when my first son was born. He is eleven now. I put a lot of things aside for a long time, mostly my writing. I am just now getting back to my passion.


      1. The writing you “can” lasts forever too. Good luck with finishing the screenplay.

        And I’m looking forward to when I’m a lottery winner and can have a garden and can and blog. Sounds perfect. And delicious.


      2. Elyse: You are so smart. How true that is…………….I don’t know about that screenplay. Since it’s been so long, I’ve afraid I’ll read it and want to scrap the whole thing. We’ll see.


  3. Still trying to figure out where I am going to spam, I mean spread the awards I got while I was poolside. Suppose you would appreciate me not tossing you another one 🙂


    1. You know….I created a page for them. So, if you do send an award my way, it has a room to stay in free of charge. I may not be great at taking care of my responsibilities in a complete timely manner, but I’ll do it the “Lorre” way.


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