37 thoughts on “Truth or Dare: Awards Phase III

  1. Well this was quite entertaining sweets. I’m thinking your parents had a premonition when they chose to spell your name the way they did. Which one was Laurie in Little Women? It’s been too long and I don’t remember. Was she bossy? Margie


      1. You know….I’m going to have to come up with a post dedicated to you and your dislike of barbies and Barry…I’ll have to include Red (Momma’s Money Matters), since she has the same distaste for the dolls. Maybe Barry too?


  2. Are the tattoos pictures of Barely? I only have one tat, but it’s a lightening bolt across my entire face.
    Seriously, I commend you for divulging personal info about yourself on the web. That shit scares me, so I tend to lie about stuff to throw off the Black Helicopters.


    1. No tats of Barry.
      I doubt I’m that significant to anyone….so who cares right? BUT….if anyone wants to be creepy and come after me because I over process my hair or admit to liking some Barry Manilow, then my husband will just annihilate them.


  3. I got a chuckle, esp. when the comments started about Barry, I like your name just as it is, maybe cause we share the same middle name, that would work, lets go that way, but I have a better crush from my younger years, I LOVED Shaun Cassidy, yup, its the truth, had his albums and everything, watched the Hardy Boys & Nancy Drew to see him, and cause I always loved mysteries.

    I was sure I would grow up and he would meet me and fall in love with me… uh oh guess that didnt work out huh? oh well, funny thing I was sooooo crest fallen when I heard he married …. another Deb, I was crushed I tell you.

    Oh for the days of youth lol, he probably wouldnt like my 2 tats either so blah on him lol:-)


    1. He was a cutie and what about Leif Garrett. Not too keen on how he turned out, but nice to look at in the younger years. I’m sure Shaun mistook that Deb for you. It happens.

      I love mysteries too. I was going to, but didn’t comment that my favorite author is actaully Agatha Christie. I fell in love with her (writing)..I dont swing that way….in middle school when I picked one of her books for a book report. I have one of her books (The Secret of Chimneys), which was printed in 1925. I don’t remember what I paid, but it was 25 cents during its time.


  4. If you are going to include me in the hate Barbies post, you will need to hear some of my GI Joe stories. (Ken was not a boy toy.) Designing my first tatt now. It is going to make up for all the ones I did not get before. Cruise director sounds interesting.


    1. Would love to. You need to show off the design when it’s done and not necessarily on your body, just the art.

      Cruise director because of the character Julie on the love boat. Does it still sound interesting?


      1. Oh, well then, no. What I am pulling together (which is tough) is a six rose design, thorns a must, barbed wire still being debated. And yes, it is going to be …large.


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