My New Year Realization

*The days of leaving things wherever I want are over.*

Damn….here comes that woman, who forces me into hugs and kisses.
Well…..screw you woman.
You saw what I did to your precious coffee.
You better back off or the hair clip gets it.
Now that my magic legs are working, I will have total world domination.
You must do as I wish from here on out.
I was joking. Aren't I cute standing?
Okay….where do you think you’re going with my bottle?
 Lady…I’m talking to you.
I’m putting the  hair clip down, okay.
See….I put it down.
It was a joke!
Seriously….come back.
 I’ll start to say mama.

30 thoughts on “My New Year Realization

    1. I worry I don’t cherish them as much as I should. Life just gets so busy. You look back and they are all grown up. I can’t believe the other three are 9,10 and 11…walking, talking and all that stuff. Crazy!


  1. This one is the cutest & sweetest post i ever came across Lorrelee. 🙂 Ir’s awesome. I had a smile on my face while reading this post. It’s somehow took me to my childhood days. My family members say, i did this kind of things lot of times with them. 🙂
    Wish you a very happy new year.


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